List of diplomatic missions in Colombia

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Diplomatic missions in Colombia
  Countries with embassies in Colombia
  Countries with consulates-general in Colombia

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Colombia. There are currently 55 embassies in Bogotá. Some other countries have non resident embassies.[1]



Other posts in Bogotá[edit]

Consulate-General in Arauca[edit]

Consulates-General in Barranquilla[edit]

Consulate-General in Bucaramanga[edit]

Consulates-General in Capurganá[edit]

Consulates-General in Cartagena[edit]

Consulate-General in Cúcuta[edit]

Consulate in Ipiales[edit]

Consulate-General in Leticia[edit]

Consulate-General in Medellín[edit]

Consulate-General in Puerto Carreño[edit]

Consulate-General in Riohacha[edit]

Non-resident representation[edit]

Embassies to open[edit]

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