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This is a list of fictional sports teams, athletic groups that have been identified by name in works of fiction but do not really exist as such. Teams have been organized by the sport they participate in, followed by the media product they appear in. Specific television episodes are noted when available.


Baseball teams[edit]

A League of Their Own[edit]

  • Lukash Dairy
  • Staten Island Stevedores
  • Peekskill Parks
  • Rockford Peaches
  • Racine Belles (Series vs Rockford at end of movie)

BASEketball teams[edit]

BASEketball is a mix of baseball and basketball played in the 1998 movie of the same name.

  • Dallas Felons
  • Detroit Lemons
  • Los Angeles Riots
  • Miami Dealers
  • Milwaukee Beers
  • New Jersey Informants
  • Roswell Aliens
  • San Antonio Defenders
  • San Francisco Ferries


Beanball: Murder at the World Series by Tom Seaver[edit]

  • Brooklyn Bandits[11]
  • Jersey Boomers[8]


  • The Benchwarmers

Blernsball teams[edit]

Blernsball is the version of baseball in the year 3000 in the show Futurama

  • Boston Poindexters
  • Mars Greenskins
  • New New York Mets
  • New New York Yankees
  • Pituitary Giants
  • Swedish Meatballs
  • Atlanta Braves

Blockade Billy by Stephen King[edit]

  • New Jersey Titans

Grand Theft Auto (series)[edit]

Philip Roth's The Great American Novel[edit]

  • Aceldama Butchers
  • Asylum Keepers
  • Independence Blues
  • Kakoola Reapers
  • Ruppert Mundys
  • Terra Incognita Rustlers
  • Tri-City Greenbacks
  • Tri-City Tycoons

Hardball (1994 TV series)[edit]

  • California Pioneers
  • New Jersey Pioneers[12]

Looney Tunes[edit]

  • Gas House Gorillas
  • Tea Totalers

The Man Who Brought the Dodgers Back to Brooklyn by David Ritz[edit]

  • Los Angeles Stars
  • Miami SunKings
  • Tucson Sunbelters

Noonan: A Novel About Baseball, Esp, and Time Warps by Leonard Everett Fisher[edit]

  • Brooklyn Dutchmen
  • Providence Preachers
  • Spartans

The Seventh Game by Roger Kahn[edit]

  • Binghamton White Sox
  • Los Angeles Mastodons
  • New York Mohawks
  • Pittsfield Eagles
  • Waterbury Yankees

The Simpsons[edit]

  • Burlington Drifters
  • Capital City Capitals (Dancin' Homer)
  • Salem Boulevardiers
  • Shelbyville Shelbyvillians
  • Springfield Atoms
  • Springfield Floozies – AAPGBL team in the 1940s
  • Springfield Isotopes[13]
  • Springfield Meltdowns
  • Springfield Excitement

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine[edit]

  • Logicians (All-Vulcan baseball team)
  • London Kings
  • Niners (command crew of Deep Space Nine)
  • Pike City Pioneers

Superman (comic book)[edit]

  • Metropolis Meteors
  • Metropolis Monarchs

Total Recall[edit]

  • Tokyo Samurai

Universal Baseball Association[edit]

  • Beaneaters
  • Bridegrooms
  • Excelsiors
  • Haymakers
  • Keystones
  • Knickerbockers
  • Pastime Club
  • Pioneers

Basketball teams[edit]

American Basketball Association[edit]


Grand Theft Auto[edit]

One Tree Hill (TV series)[edit]

  • Gilmore College Cobras
  • Tree Hill High School Ravens
  • the Scotts

The Simpsons[edit]

Space Jam[edit]

  • Monstars
  • Tune Squad

Aeroball teams[edit]

Aeroball is a futuristic version of basketball played with jetpacks in the 2000 AD strip Harlem Heroes.

  • The Baltimore Bulls
  • The Berlin Blitzkreigs
  • The Bushido Blades
  • The Flying Scotsmen
  • Gorgon's Gargoyles
  • The Harlem Heroes
  • The Montezuma Mashers
  • The Siberian Wolves
  • The Teutonic Titans

Cheerleading Squads[edit]

A Cinderella Story[edit]

  • North Valley High Fighting Frogs
  • South Bay High Lancers

Bring It On[edit]

  • Broncos
  • Colorado Springs High Coyotes
  • East Compton High Clovers
  • Giants
  • Muskrats
  • New Pope High Cavaliers
  • Patriots
  • Rancho Carne High Toros
  • Saints
  • Trojans
  • Vikings

Bring It On Again[edit]

  • Cal State Stingers
  • Renegades

Bring It On: All or Nothing[edit]

  • Crenshaw Heights High Warriors
  • Pacific Vista High Pirates

Bring It On: In It to Win It[edit]

  • Catz
  • East Coast High Jets
  • Flamingos (Flaming Hoes)
  • Prairie Dogs
  • Sebrings
  • West Coast High Sharks
  • East Coast/West Coast Shets

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish[edit]

  • California High All-Stars
  • East LA High Rough Riders
  • Glendale High Cougars
  • Malibu High Dream Team
  • Malibu High Jaguars
  • Malibu Vista High Sea Lions

Fired Up![edit]

  • Bulldogs
  • Dragons
  • Eagles
  • Gerald R. Ford High Tigers
  • Mustangs
  • Pandas
  • Panthers
  • Scorpions


  • Lancer University Hellcats
  • Memphis Christian College Cyclones

High School Musical[edit]

  • East High Wildcats
  • West High Knights

John Tucker Must Die[edit]

  • Bobcats
  • Eagles
  • Forest Hills High Kodiaks
  • Giants

Not Another Teen Movie[edit]

  • John Hughes High Wasps
  • North Compton High Wildcats

The Hot Chick[edit]

  • Bridgetown High Honeybees
  • Fenmore High Foxes
  • Vikings

The New Guy[edit]

  • Eastland Heights High Highlanders
  • Rocky Creak High Drillers

Croquet teams[edit]

All from the Thursday Next novels, in which croquet has been reinvented as a fast-paced contact sport.

  • Gloucester Meteors
  • Reading Whackers
  • Swindon Mallets

Dodgeball teams[edit]

All featured in the film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

  • Average Joe's (the protagonist's team)
  • Globo Gym Purple Cobras
  • Skillz That Killz
  • Lumberjacks
  • Team Blitzkrieg
  • Osaka Kamikazes
  • Las Vegas Police Department
  • Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars
  • The Gay Gang
  • Moose Knucklers
  • New Orleans Clown Punchers
  • Monterrey Mulchers
  • She-Mullets
  • Troop 417
  • Wedgies
  • Yetis
  • Pouncers
  • Spleen Mashers
  • Savage Squad 300

American football teams[edit]

All-Pro Football 2K8[edit]

  • Arizona Scorpions
  • Atlanta Wasps
  • Boston Minutemen
  • Carolina Cobras
  • Chicago Beasts
  • Dallas Gunslingers
  • Denver Cougars
  • Detroit Firebirds
  • Los Angeles Legends
  • Las Vegas Rollers
  • Miami Cyclones
  • Milwaukee Indians
  • Minneapolis Werewolves
  • New Jersey Assassins
  • New York Knights
  • Ohio Red Dogs
  • Philadelphia Americans
  • Pittsburgh Iron Men
  • San Francisco Sharks
  • Seattle Sailors
  • St. Louis Rhinos
  • Tampa Bay Top Guns
  • Texas Rustlers
  • Washington Federals[16]

Any Given Sunday[edit]

  • Albuquerque Aztecs
  • California Crusaders
  • Chicago Rhinos
  • Colorado Blizzard
  • Dallas Knights
  • Houston Cattlemen
  • Kansas Twisters
  • Los Angeles Breakers
  • Miami Sharks
  • Maine Androids
  • Minnesota Americans
  • New York Emperors
  • Oregon Pioneers
  • Orlando Crushers
  • San Francisco Knights[17]
  • Seattle Prospects
  • Texas Rattlers
  • Washington Lumbermen
  • Wisconsin Icemen


  • Albuquerque Atoms
  • Anaheim Thrashers
  • Anchorage Watchmen
  • Arizona Assassins
  • Atlanta Firebirds
  • Baltimore Cannons
  • Birmingham Irons
  • Boston Smugglers
  • Buffalo Beasts
  • Carolina Leopards
  • Charleston Cougars
  • Charlotte Yellow Jackets
  • Chicago Talons
  • Cincinnati Hogs
  • Cleveland Kings
  • Colorado Six Shooters
  • Columbia Colonels
  • Columbus Blitz
  • Dallas Spectres
  • D.C. Law Makers
  • Denver Outlaws
  • Detroit Demons
  • Fresno Wildfires
  • Green Bay Grizzlies
  • Honolulu Breakers
  • Houston Wranglers
  • Indianapolis Spartans
  • Jacksonville Amberjacks
  • Kansas City Blues
  • Las Vegas Rollers
  • Little Rock Maulers
  • Los Angeles Raptors
  • Miami Thunder
  • Michigan Tanks
  • Milwaukee Mariners
  • Minnesota Mustangs
  • Nashville Guardians
  • New England Militia
  • New Jersey Pirates
  • New Orleans Settlers
  • New York Red Tails
  • Oklahoma Stampede
  • Oakland Scourge
  • Omaha Cyclones
  • Orlando Lightning
  • Philadelphia Liberty
  • Phoenix Inferno
  • Pittsburgh Pioneers
  • Portland Tomahawks
  • Salt Lake Wrath
  • San Antonio Scorpions
  • San Francisco Tridents
  • San Jose Coyotes
  • Seattle Wolves
  • St. Louis Racers
  • Tampa Bay Tigers
  • Tennessee Swarm
  • Wichita Wildcats


The Best of Times (film)[edit]

  • Bakersfield Tigers
  • Taft Rockets

Blitz: The League II[edit]

  • Arizona Outlaws[18]
  • Atlanta 404
  • Baltimore Bearcats
  • Carolina Copperheads
  • Chicago Marauders
  • Cincinnati Crusaders
  • Cleveland Steamers (Formerly San Diego Cyclones)
  • Denver Grizziles
  • Detroit Devils
  • Houston Riders
  • Kansas City Crossfire
  • Las Vegas Aces
  • Los Angeles Riot
  • Mexico City Aztecs (Relocated from Dallas)
  • Miami Hammerheads (Formerly Orlando Hammerheads)
  • Milwaukee Hounds
  • Minnesota Reapers
  • New England Regulars
  • New York Nightmares
  • Philadelphia Brawlers
  • Seattle Reign
  • Vancouver Beavers
  • Washington Redhawks

Coach (TV series)[edit]

  • Los Angeles Mighty Bucks[19]
  • Minnesota State Screaming Eagles[20]
  • Orlando Breakers – NFL team
  • Southern Texas Wranglers (Minnesota State's bowl opponent in the two-part 1991 episode "The Pineapple Bowl")

Earth: Final Conflict[edit]

  • London Royals (Resurrection)
  • Los Angeles Quakes (Resurrection)

Eyeshield 21[edit]

1st & Ten (TV series)[edit]

  • California Bulls
  • Chicago Huskies
  • Dayton Cougars
  • Houston Stallions
  • Houston Riggers
  • Phoenix Warriors
  • Toronto Mustangs
  • Other cities mentioned as having teams, but not identified by nickname include Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Miami.

Grand Theft Auto (series)[edit]

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy[edit]

  • Endsville Fluffycats
  • Rump City Bootyheads

The Last Boy Scout[edit]

  • Cleveland Cats
  • Los Angeles Stallions


Necessary Roughness[edit]

  • New York Hawks
  • New Jersey Bobcats
  • Texas State Armadillos

The PJs[edit]

Smallville (TV series)[edit]

  • Metropolis Sharks
  • Metropolis University Bulldogs
  • Smallville Crows

The Simpsons[edit]


South Park[edit]

  • South Park Cows
  • Toronto Roughriders (Canadian football)
  • Vancouver Roughriders (Canadian football)


  • Metropolis Meteors
  • Metropolis Metros

The Waterboy[edit]

  • South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs
  • University of Louisiana Cougars[22]

Deathball teams[edit]

  • Greenwood Grendels (The Hero by John Ringo and Michael Z. Williamson, p. 64)

Association football teams[edit]

Grand Theft Auto (series)[edit]


  • Shadwell Town
  • Wapping FC

Renford Rejects[edit]

  • Renford Rejects
  • Renford Razors
  • Slice Girls

Rudo y Cursi[edit]

  • Atletico Nopaleros
  • Deportivo Amaranto

Shaolin Soccer[edit]

  • Team Evil
  • Team Shaolin

A Touch of Frost (TV series)[edit]

  • Denton Athletic
  • Denton F.C.

Ice hockey teams[edit]

Bon Cop, Bad Cop[edit]

(all in the CHL)

  • Montreal Patriotes
  • Quebec Fleur-de-Lys[28]
  • Toronto Loyalists


Goon (film)[edit]

  • Halifax Highlanders
  • St. John's Shamrocks
  • Quebec Victoires
  • Albany Patriots
  • Orangetown Assassins
  • Windsor Wheelers
  • Concorde Minutemen
  • Hamilton Steelers
  • Lovell Kings
  • Moncton Lords
  • Boston Blackjacks
  • Montreal Corsairs

Grand Theft Auto[edit]

H.E. Double Hockey Sticks[edit]

  • Annapolis Angels
  • Delaware Demons

Lance et compte[edit]

  • Chicoutimi Saints
  • Prince Albert Comets
  • Quebec City National
  • Trois-Rivières Dragons

The Simpsons[edit]

Slap Shot (film)[edit]

  • Charlestown Chiefs[29]
  • Long Island Ducks[30]
  • Syracuse Bulldogs
  • Peterborough Patriots
  • Lancaster Gears[31]
  • Hyannisport Presidents
  • Broome County Blades

South Park[edit]

(Pee-Wee Hockey Teams)

What's with Andy?[edit]

  • East Gackle Cheapskates
  • Moosehoof Stick Handlers

Youngblood (1986 film)[edit]

Zack and Miri Make a Porno[edit]

  • Monroeville Zombies

Jump-rope (Double Dutch) Teams[edit]

Jump In[edit]

  • Dutch Dragons
  • Hot Chilli Steppers
  • Jive Js
  • Joy Jumpers
  • Jump Masters
  • Kung Fu Flyers
  • Sunset Skippers

Motocross Teams[edit]


  • Art Henderson Racing
  • Carson Racing

Quidditch, a game in the Harry Potter books[edit]

Rugby teams[edit]

The Art of Coarse Rugby by Michael Green[edit]

  • Bagford Vipers B
  • Old Rottinghamians Extra B

Lacrosse Teams[edit]

Wild Child[edit]

  • Abbey Mount.
  • Bodley Manor.
  • Oxley.
  • Stowe.

Baccer Teams (fictional Pokémon sport)[edit]

  • Coronet Fighters
  • Jubilife Reds
  • Cianwood Greens
  • Nimbasa Legends

Unspecified Sports[edit]

Grand Theft Auto[edit]

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