List of people executed in South Dakota

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This is a list of individuals executed in South Dakota from 1877 to date.

Individuals executed by the State of South Dakota[edit]

Inmate Date Victim(s) Under Governor
Jack McCall 1 March 1877 Wild Bill Hickok John L. Pennington
Thomas Egan 13 July 1882 His wife, Mary Nehemiah G. Ordway
Brave Bear 1 November 1882 Joseph Johnson
James Gilmore 15 December 1882 Bisente Ortez
James B. Lehman February 19, 1892 Constable John Burns Arthur C. Mellette
Nathaniel Thompson January 20, 1893 Electa Blighton Charles H. Sheldon
Jay Hicks November 15, 1894 John Meyer
Chief Two Sticks 28 December 1894 four victims
Charles Brown 14 July 1897 Emma Stone Andrew E. Lee
Ernest Loveswar 19 September 1902 George Puck and George Ostrander Charles N. Herreid
Allen Walkingshield January 15, 1902 Mrs. Ghost-Faced Bear
George Bear 5 December 1902 C. Edward Tayloe and John Shaw
Emil Victor 16 November 1909 Mr. and Mrs. James Christie, daughter Mildred and Michael Ronayne Robert S. Vessey
Joe Rickman December 3, 1913 Ellen Fox and her 14-year-old daughter, Mildred Fox Frank M. Byrne
George Sitts April 8, 1947 Special state agent Thomas Matthews. He also killed Butte Co. Sheriff Dave Malcolm, but was not separately tried for that murder. George T. Mickelson
Elijah Page July 11, 2007 Chester Allan Poage Mike Rounds
Eric Robert October 15, 2012 Correctional officer Ronald "RJ" Johnson Dennis Daugaard
Donald Moeller October 30, 2012 Becky O'Connell