List of mayors of Augusta, Georgia

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This is a list of mayors of Augusta, Georgia (USA), including the former city of Augusta and 1996–present consolidated Augusta–Richmond County.

Former city of Augusta[edit]

Name Sworn In Left Office Notes Reference
John Milton 1792 [1]
Thomas Cumming 1798 Father of Henry Cumming [2]
Walter Leigh 1815 1817 [3]
Freeman Walker 1818 1819
Nicholas Ware 1819 1821 Ware's Telfair Street home "Ware's Folly" is now the location of Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. [4]
Freeman Walker 1823 1823 [5]
Samuel Hale 1828 1836
Alfred Cumming 1836 Appointed governor of Territory of Utah in 1858
John Phinizy 1837 First Italian-American mayor of any U.S. city (original spelling: Finizzi)
Dr. Daniel Hook 1840 1841 Served two terms. [6]
Martin M. Dye 1841 1842
Dr. Daniel Hook 1842 1843
Martin M. Dye 1843 1846 Served three 1 year terms
Dr. Lewis D. Ford 1846 1848 Served two 1 year terms
Dr. Ignatius P. Garvin 1848 1849
James B. Bishop 1849 1850
Thomas W. Miller 1850 1852
Dr. William E. Dearing 1852 1854
Abner P. Robertson 1854 1855
Dr. William E. Dearing 1855 1856
George W. Evans 1856 1857
Benjamin F. Conley 1857 1859 Two terms (later a Governor of Georgia) [7]
Foster Blodgett, Jr. 1859 1860
Robert H. May 1861 1866 May served five 1-year terms during the period of the Civil War. In 1865, he was ordered by Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown to burn the large amounts of cotton stored in Augusta warehouses "on the approach of the Yankees," so it would not fall into enemy's hands. As it turned out, the Union Army never came to Augusta. [8]
James T. Gardiner 1866 8 Aug 1866 Elected April 1866 and resigned 8 Aug 1866. James Gardiner was publisher of The Daily Constitutionalist a local newspaper. [9]
Abner P. Robertson 8 Aug 1866 20 Aug 1866 Pro Tem City Council
John Foster 20 Aug 1866 1867 Special Election to fill unexpired term of James T. Gardner
Foster Blodgett, Jr. 1867 1868 Military appointment; In 1867, the Southern States were divided into Military Districts and military tribunials where set-up to appoint government officials during this period [10]
Henry F. Russell 1868 1869
Joseph V. H. Allen 1869 1870
Charles Estes 1870 1876 Served six 1-year terms
John U. Meyer 1876 1879
Robert H. May 1879 1891 Served Four 3-year terms. He was Coroner-Richmond County, 1900 – until his death, 7 February 1903. Buried in Magnolia Cemetery. [11]
James H. Alexander 1891 1894 Since the 1876 election; mayors served 3-year terms
William B. Young 1894 1897 Great great great great grandfather of Buckley Campana and Stephen Campana.
Patrick Walsh 1897 1898 Died in office
Jacob Phinizy 22 Dec 1898 18 April 1899 Pro Tem City Council
Charles A. Robbe 18 April 1899 7 July 1900 Died in office
Thomas Barrett, Sr. 8 July 1900 10 July 1900 Pro Tem City Council
Alfred Martin 10 July 1900 Jan. 1901 Special Election to fill unexpired term
Jacob Phinzy Jan. 1901 1904 Once owner of "Augusta's First Skyscraper" known today as the Marion Building at 739 Broad Street [12]
Richard E. Allen Jan. 1904 1907
William M. Dunbar Jan. 1907 1910 Postmaster of the United States House of Representatives for the 62nd through 65th Congresses (1911–1919) [13]
Thomas Barrett, Sr. 1910 Jan. 1913 Barrett Plaza, located in front of the Federal Court House & 800 block of Telfair Street, is named for Thomas Barrett, Sr. [14]
Linwood C. Hayne 1913 Jan. 1916
James R. Littleton 1916 Jan. 1919
William P. White 1919 Jan. 1922 The Appleby Library was Wm. P. White's home until his widow sold it in 1928 to Scott B. Appleby. Mr. Appleby donated the house in 1954 to the Augusta City Council for use as a library. [15]
Julian Smith 1923 1925 The Julian Smith Casino, operated by the city recreation department, is named after Smith.
Richard Allen, Jr. 1937
W.D. Jennings 1951 1953
H. L. Hamilton 1953 1954
Millard A. Beckum 1958 1963
George "Buster" Albert Sancken Jr. 1964 1970
Millard A. Beckum 1970 1972 Mayor during the Augusta race riot of May 11, 1970
Lewis "Pop" Newman 1973 1981
Ed McIntyre 1981 1984 First African American mayor of city of Augusta [1]
Charles DeVaney 1984 1996 Last mayor of former city of Augusta

Consolidated Augusta–Richmond County[edit]

Name Sworn In Left Office Notes Reference
Larry Sconyers 1996 1999 First mayor of consolidated Augusta-Richmond County, owner and operator of Sconyers Bar-B-Que
Bob Young 1999 2005 Longtime local television news anchor (WJBF-TV) before election to mayor; left mayor's office in 2005 to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development appointment by president George W. Bush.
Willie Mays 2005 2006 Commissioner chosen by city commission following Bob Young's departure to serve as interim mayor until special election. First African American to serve as mayor of consolidated Augusta-Richmond County.
Deke Copenhaver 2005 2015
Hardie Davis 2015 Incumbent. first African American elected mayor of consolidated Augusta-Richmond County [16]

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