List of newspapers in Malaysia

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This is a list of newspapers published in Malaysia, sorted by language.

English language[edit]

Malay language[edit]

Chinese language[edit]

Tamil language[edit]

Arabic language[edit]

  • Akshak Magazine - local news and events and worldwide entertainment, tourism and shopping; based in Selangor
  • Al-Atheer - newspaper specialised in education and tourism related news; based in Selangor
  • Al-Osboua' - weekly newspaper in Arabic language; based in Selangor
  • Aswaq Magazine - business sectors and events; based in Selangor
  • My ArabicTimes - newspaper concerning the lives of Arabs in Malaysia, education and tourism related news in Arabic; based in Kuala Lumpur

Dutch language[edit]

Urdu language[edit]

  • Pakistan Times Malaysia [3]

Online newspapers[edit]

Defunct newspapers[edit]