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This is a timeline of incidents in 1989 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

  • United Kingdom February 20: Two IRA bombs go off at an army barracks at Tern Hill in Shropshire. No-one was hurt.[1]
  • Norway April 30: A bomb were about to explode in an immigrant shop in Oslo, consisting of 1.5 kg dynamite, but Police cut the cord just before it went off. Right-wing extremists were suspected.
  • Colombia May 30: A bomb kills four and injures 37 on an assassination attempt against Miguel Maza Márquez head of the Colombian Secret Service.[2]
  • Colombia July 5: A car bomb kills six, including the governor of Antioquia, Antonio Roldan Betancur. No claim is made for the attack.[3]
  • Colombia August 18: The Medellín Cartel declares "total and absolute war" against the Colombian government. The offices of the two main political parties were bombed and the homes of two local politicians were burned.[4]
  • Colombia August 31: A bomb in a bicycle cart injures 13 in Medellín.[5]
  • Colombia September 4: An unidentified man opens fire at the Medellín airport, killing one and wounding 14, before being gunned down by the police.[6]
  • Colombia September 18: Three bombs explode in Cali killing one person.[7]
  • Colombia September 25: A bomb kills two and injures one at the Hilton hotel in Cartagena.[8]
  • Colombia September 28: A bomb kills two at a suburban gas station in Bogotá. The dead are believed to be terrorists.[9]
  • Colombia September 29: A bomb injures one at the parking garage of the Intercontinental Hotel in Bogotá. The attack was blamed on the Medellín Cartel.[10]
  • Colombia October 8: A fire bomb kills seven and injures seven in a bus in Bogotá. The action is blamed on the Medellín Cartel.[11]
  • Colombia October 16: A car bomb against the Vanguardia Liberal newspaper kills four in Bucaramanga.[12]
  • Colombia October 18: A bomb explodes prematurely outside the Colombian Congress, injuring one.[13]
  • Colombia October 21: A car bomb in front of a hotel in Barranquilla leaves six injured.[14]
  • Germany November 30: The bomb assassination and murder of banker Alfred Herrhausen in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe. The Red Army Fraction was behind the attack.
  • Colombia December 6: A truck bomb at the DAS headquarters kills 52 people and injures over a thousand. The Medellín Cartel was responsible.

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