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This is a timeline of incidents in 1994 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrators
February 5 Mortar 68 144 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina A 120 mm mortar shell hits the center of a Markale (market) in Sarajevo, killing 68 people. The Army of Republika Srpska was blamed for the attack and perpetrated a similar massacre the next year. Army of Republika Srpska
February 25 Mass shooting 29 (+1) 125 Hebron, West Bank In the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, Israeli Baruch Goldstein kills 29 and injures 125 Palestinian worshippers in an attack in the Cave of the Patriarchs (Ibrahimi Mosque) in Hebron before being killed.[1][2] Baruch Goldstein
March 1 Shooting 1 4 United States New York City, United States In the Brooklyn Bridge shooting, Rashid Baz kills a Hasidic seminary student and wounds four on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City in response to the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre.[3] Rashid Baz
March 19 Suicide bombing 14 (+1) 49 Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan 14 people were killed and 49 injured in the first attack of Baku Metro bombings. Confessions from terrorists indicate the attacks were organized by Armenian secret services[4] Lezgin separatists
April 6 Shootdown, assassination 12 0 Rwanda Kigali, Rwanda Twelve people, including Rwandan president Juvénal Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira are killed when their airplane was shot down, most likely by the Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front. The shootdown was the catalyst for the Rwandan genocide Rwandan Patriotic Front
April 6 Suicide car bombing 8 (+1) 55 Israel Afula, Israel A Hamas suicide bomber detonates his car packed with explosives in front of an Egged bus that was boarding Israeli students Hamas
April 13 Suicide bombing 5 (+1) 30 Israel Hadera, Israel A suicide bomber detonates in the city of Hadera, killing 5.[5] Hamas
June 27/28 Chemical attack 8 200+ Japan Matsumoto, Japan Members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult release deadly sarin gas in a neighborhood of Matsumoto, Nagano near the homes of several judges who presiding over legal cases involving the cult. Aum Shinrikyo
July 3 Bombing 13 42 Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan A bomb explodes on the Baku Metro, killing 13 and wounding 42 in the second attack of Baku Metro bombings. Confessions from terrorists indicate the attacks were organized by Armenian secret services[4] Lezgin separatists
July 18 Suicide car bombing 85 (+1) 300+ Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina A suicide bomber rams his car into the building of the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) killing 85 people. The bombing has never been officially solved, but Argentina, Israel and the United States have all accused Hezbollah and Iran of being the attack and Argentina has named 21-year-old Hezbollah operative Ibrahim Hussein Berro as the bomber Unknown
July 19 Bombing 21 0 Panama Colón, Panama Alas Chiricanas Flight 901 is brought down by a bomb shortly after takeoff, killing all 21 people on board, twelve of whom were Jews. The bombing was never solved though an organization calling itself Ansar Allah claimed responsibility and the fact that many of passengers were Jews suggests that the bombing could've been motivated by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Unknown
July 26 Bombings 0 26 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom The Israeli embassy in London is severely damaged by a car bomb and twenty people were injured. Thirteen hours later, the Balfour House, which once housed many Jewish organization was also bombed and six were injured there. Two Palestinian students allegedly linked to Hezbollah were convicted for the bombings. Hezbollah
September 4 Suicide bombing 12 (+2) 46 Armenia Bagratashen, Armenia A briefcase bomb planted in crowded market by two ethnic Azeris from Georgia, Imran Huseinov and Turkmen Jafarov, explodes killing the two perpetrators and twelve others. Imran Huseinov
Turkmen Jafarov
October 9 Shooting 2 16 Israel Jerusalem, Israel Two Palestinian policemen who defected to Hamas open fire on Israelis in the Nahalat Shiv'a neighborhood of Jerusalem Hamas
October 19 Suicide bombing 22 (+1) 56 Israel Tel Aviv, Israel A Hamas suicide bomber detonates on a bus in Tel Aviv, killing 22 and injuring 56.[5] Hamas
October 24 Suicide bombing, assassination 3+ (+1) Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Leader of the Opposition Gamini Dissanayake and MPs Weerasinghe Mallimarachchi and G. M. Premachandra are assassinated by an LTTE suicide bomber LTTE
November 9 Suicide bombing, assassination 1 (+1) Sri Lanka Grandpass, Sri Lanka Former MP Ossie Abeygunasekera is assassinated by a female LTTE suicide bomber LTTE
November 11 Suicide bombing 3 (+1) 6 Israel Netzarim, Israel A Islamic Jihad suicide bomber detonates on a bike at Netzarim Junction, killing 3 and injuring 6.[5] Palestinian Islamic Jihad
December 11 Bombing 1 10 Philippines/Japan Minamidaitōjima, Japan A bomb explodes on Philippine Airlines Flight 434 which was en route from Cebu to Tokyo. The bomb only managed to kill one passenger and did not destroy the plane. Ramzi Yousef had planted the bomb on the previous leg of the plane's journey from Manila to Cebu. The bombing was a test run for the later unsuccessful Bojinka plot Al-Qaeda
December 24-26 Hijacking 3 (+4) 25 Algeria/France Marseille, France Four Armed Islamic Group members hijack Air France Flight 8969 with the intention of crashing the plane into the Eiffel Tower. However, they only succeed in killing three passengers before the plane is raided in Marseille by GIGN and all four hijackers were killed GIA
December 25 Suicide bombing 0 (+1) 13 Israel Jerusalem, Israel A Hamas suicide bomber detonates at a bus stop in Jerusalem, wounding 13.[5] Hamas

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