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National Road 1 shield}}

National Road 1
Drumul Național 1
Route information
Maintained by Compania Naţională de Autostrăzi şi Drumuri Naţionale din România
Length643 km[1] (400 mi)
Major junctions
ToBorş (Hungarian border)
CountiesIlfov, Prahova, Braşov, Sibiu, Alba, Cluj, Bihor
Major citiesBucharest, Ploieşti, Braşov, Făgăraş, Sibiu, Sebeş, Alba Iulia, Aiud, Turda, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Borş
Highway system
National roads in Romania

DN1 (Romanian: Drumul Naţional 1) is an important national road in Romania which links Bucharest with the northwestern part of the country and the border with Hungary via Borş. The main cities linked by DN1 are Bucharest, Ploieşti, Braşov, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj-Napoca and Oradea.[2]

On the ComarnicBraşov section, traffic jams appear very often because of intense traffic volume going in the touristic region of Valea Prahovei (Prahova Valley) and the road narrowing to only two lanes.[3]

The segment of DN1 that serves the area north of Bucharest was upgraded at the end of 2005. It now has three traffic lanes on each side and two new interchanges at the Henri Coandă Airport and the Otopeni bridge. Although it doesn't complete the motorway specifications, the DN1 road can be considered an expressway on certain segments. A modern CCTV system has also been installed on the section from Bucharest to Sinaia to prevent speeding and accidents.[citation needed]

On the BucharestBraşov section, driving restrictions apply during daytime from Monday to Friday for vehicles with MPW over 7.5 t (16,535 lb) and on Saturdays and Sundays for vehicles with MPW over 3.5 t (7,716 lb).[4] On the Cluj-NapocaOradea section, restrictions apply during daytime on Saturdays and Sundays for vehicles with MPW over 7.5 t (16,535 lb).[5]

The A3 motorway will carry the traffic off from DN1 when it will be completed and will be shorter by 59 km (37 mi).[6]


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