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Makara may refer to:

  • Makara (Hindu mythology), a mythical creature in Hinduism
  • Capricorn (astrology) in the Hindu calendar
  • "Blessed" in Greek. Since many East European people accepted Christianity from the Greeks, many of these peoples have Makara in the root of some names: Makarios (Greeks). The given name Makar gave rise to a number of last names Makarov (Russians), Makarenko (Ukrainians), Makara (Slovaks).
  • Seven sisters who became the Pleiades in the mythology of some Aboriginal tribes in Australia
  • In the Khmer language, Makara is the first month of a year, January (Khmer: មករា).
  • Makara, New Zealand, a rural locality on the coast of the North Island west of Wellington
  • Makara River, Wellington
  • Makara River, Chatham Islands
    • Makara Guardians, a group opposed to wind-farm development at Makara in New Zealand
  • Universitas Indonesia logo name
  • X-Bomber Japanese sci-fi puppet character Commander Makara
  • Makara (magazine), a Canadian feminist arts journal, 1975–1978
  • A surname of Brythonic and Goidelic origin, as above.
  • Makara (album) is the third studio album released by E.S. Posthumus.
  • Makara means "charcoal" in Kikuyu, a Central Kenya local language
  • A trademarked name for an Indonesian variety of cinnamon.