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PronunciationArabic: [manˈsˤuːr]
Region of originArabia
Other names
Alternative spellingMansour, Mansoor
Variant form(s)Nasir, Nasser, Nasri, Nasrallah, Nasir al-Din Victor, Vincent

Mansur (Arabic: منصور‎, Manṣūr; also spelled Mounsor, Monsur (Bengali), Mansoor, Manser, Mansour, Mansyur (Indonesian) or Mensur) is a male Arabic name that means "the one who is victorious", from the Arabic root naṣr (نصر), meaning "victory."

The first known bearer of the name was Al-Mansur, second Abbasid caliph and the founder of Baghdad.

Other people called Mansur during the golden Age of Islam include:

Imams of Yemen[edit]

Modern given name[edit]

The spelling Mansur is most commonly seen as the Turkic form. While the transliteration Mansoor is typically used by South Asians. Mansur or Mansour is used in Turkic languages, Iranian languages or Arabic, and Mensur is used in the Bosnian language.


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