Members of the Australian Senate, 2005–2008

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This is a list of members of the Australian Senate from 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2008.

Senator Party State Years in office
Hon Eric Abetz Liberal Tasmania 1994–present
Judith Adams Liberal Western Australia 2005–2012
Lyn Allison Democrat Victoria 1996–2008
Guy Barnett Liberal Tasmania 2002–2011
Andrew Bartlett Democrat Queensland 1997–2008
Cory Bernardi 3 Liberal South Australia 2006–present
Simon Birmingham 4 Liberal South Australia 2007–present
Mark Bishop ALP Western Australia 1996–2014
Hon Ron Boswell National Queensland 1983–2014
Sue Boyce 5 Liberal Queensland 2007–2014
Hon George Brandis Liberal Queensland 2000–present
Dr Bob Brown Green Tasmania 1996–2012
Carol Brown 1 ALP Tasmania 2005–present
David Bushby 8 Liberal Tasmania 2007–present
Paul Calvert 8 Liberal Tasmania 1987–2007
George Campbell ALP New South Wales 1997–2008
Hon Ian Campbell 7 Liberal Western Australia 1990–2007
Hon Kim Carr ALP Victoria 1993–present
Grant Chapman Liberal South Australia 1987–2008
Hon Richard Colbeck Liberal Tasmania 2002–2016
Jacinta Collins 9 ALP Victoria 1995–2005, 2008–present
Hon Stephen Conroy ALP Victoria 1996–present
Hon Helen Coonan Liberal New South Wales 1996–2011
Mathias Cormann 7 Liberal Western Australia 2007–present
Trish Crossin ALP Northern Territory 1998–2013
Dr Alan Eggleston Liberal Western Australia 1996–2014
Hon Chris Ellison Liberal Western Australia 1993–2009
Hon Chris Evans ALP Western Australia 1993–2013
Hon John Faulkner ALP New South Wales 1989–2015
Alan Ferguson Liberal South Australia 1992–2011
Jeannie Ferris 4 Liberal South Australia 1996–2007
Steve Fielding Family First Victoria 2005–2011
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells Liberal New South Wales 2005–present
Mitch Fifield Liberal Victoria 2004–present
Mary Jo Fisher 6 Liberal South Australia 2007–2012
Michael Forshaw ALP New South Wales 1994–2011
Hon Bill Heffernan Liberal New South Wales 1996–2016
Hon Robert Hill 3 Liberal South Australia 1981–2006
John Hogg ALP Queensland 1996–2014
Gary Humphries Liberal Australian Capital Territory 2003–2013
Annette Hurley ALP South Australia 2005–2011
Steve Hutchins ALP New South Wales 1999–2011
Hon David Johnston Liberal Western Australia 2002–2016
Barnaby Joyce National Queensland 2005–2013
Hon Rod Kemp Liberal Victoria 1990–2008
Linda Kirk ALP South Australia 2002–2008
Ross Lightfoot Liberal Western Australia 1997–2008
Hon Joe Ludwig ALP Queensland 1999–2016
Kate Lundy ALP Australian Capital Territory 1996–2015
Hon Ian Macdonald Liberal Queensland 1990–present
Hon Sandy Macdonald National New South Wales 1993–1999, 2000–2008
Sue Mackay 1 ALP Tasmania 1996–2005
Gavin Marshall ALP Victoria 2002–present
Brett Mason Liberal Queensland 1999–2015
Anne McEwen ALP South Australia 2005–2016
Julian McGauran National/Liberal 2 Victoria 1987–1990, 1993–2011
Hon Jan McLucas ALP Queensland 1999–2016
Christine Milne Green Tasmania 2005–2015
Hon Nick Minchin Liberal South Australia 1993–2011
Claire Moore ALP Queensland 2002–present
Andrew Murray Democrat Western Australia 1996–2008
Fiona Nash National New South Wales 2005–present
Kerry Nettle Green New South Wales 2002–2008
Kerry O'Brien ALP Tasmania 1996–2011
Stephen Parry Liberal Tasmania 2005–present
Hon Dr Kay Patterson Liberal Victoria 1987–2008
Marise Payne Liberal New South Wales 1997–present
Helen Polley ALP Tasmania 2005–present
Hon Robert Ray 9 ALP Victoria 1981–2008
Michael Ronaldson Liberal Victoria 2005–2016
Santo Santoro 5 Liberal Queensland 2002–2007
Nigel Scullion CLP [1] Northern Territory 2001–present
Hon Nick Sherry ALP Tasmania 1990–2012
Rachel Siewert Green Western Australia 2005–present
Glenn Sterle ALP Western Australia 2005–present
Natasha Stott Despoja Democrat South Australia 1995–2008
Ursula Stephens ALP New South Wales 2002–2014
Hon Judith Troeth Liberal Victoria 1993–2011
Russell Trood Liberal Queensland 2005–2011
Hon Amanda Vanstone 6 Liberal South Australia 1984–2007
John Watson Liberal Tasmania 1978–2008
Ruth Webber ALP Western Australia 2002–2008
Hon Penny Wong ALP South Australia 2002–present
Dana Wortley ALP South Australia 2005–2011
1 Tasmanian ALP Senator Sue Mackay resigned on 30 July 2005. Carol Brown was appointed as her replacement on 25 August.
2 Victorian Senator Julian McGauran was elected as a National Party member, but defected to the Liberal Party on 23 January 2006.
3 South Australian Liberal Senator Robert Hill resigned on 2 March 2006 to take up a position as Australian Ambassador to the United Nations. Cory Bernardi was appointed as his replacement on 4 May.
4 South Australian Liberal Senator Jeannie Ferris died on 1 April 2007. Simon Birmingham was appointed as her replacement on 3 May.
5 Queensland Liberal Senator Santo Santoro resigned on 11 April 2007. Sue Boyce was appointed as his replacement on 20 April.
6 South Australian Liberal Senator Amanda Vanstone resigned on 26 April 2007. Mary Jo Fisher was appointed as her replacement on 6 June.
7 Western Australian Liberal Senator Ian Campbell resigned on 31 May 2007. Mathias Cormann was appointed as his replacement on 19 June.
8 Tasmanian Liberal Senator Paul Calvert resigned on 29 August 2007. David Bushby was appointed as his replacement on 30 August.
9 Victorian ALP Senator Robert Ray resigned on 5 May 2008. Jacinta Collins was appointed as his replacement on 8 May.
10 The terms of senators from the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory are not fixed. All territory senators face election on the same day as elections for the House of Representatives, and their terms end the day before that election.
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  1. ^ Scullion was elected as a candidate of the Country Liberal Party, which is the equivalent of both the Nationals and Liberals in the Northern Territory. He sits with the Nationals and since 3 December 2007 he has served as that party's deputy leader & Senate leader.