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Men's Non-no
Men's Non-no July 2017 Cover with Kentaro Sakaguchi.jpg
July 2017 cover with Kentaro Sakaguchi
CategoriesFashion, lifestyle
Year founded1986
Based inTokyo

Men's Non-no (Japanese: メンズノンノ) is a Japanese monthly men's fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Tokyo. Published by Shueisha, it is an offshoot of women's magazine Non-no.[1][2]


Men's Non-no was started in 1986, and the first issue appeared in 1987.[1][3] The magazine is headquartered in Tokyo and is published monthly by Shueisha.[3][4] Although the monthly is mostly read by young men and university students, its readers also include females.[5] The magazine covers articles on lifestyle, music and football with a special reference to fashion.[5] It has recurring models from different racial backgrounds.[2] It also features young male celebrities.[6] In 1999 the circulation of Men's Non-no was 370,000 copies.[7]

Notable exclusive models[edit]



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