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Mercedes-Benz MB100
Mercedes-Benz MB100 front 20080704.jpg
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Also called SsangYong Istana
Daewoo Istana
Production 1981 - 1996
Body and chassis
Class Light commercial vehicle (M)
Body style Van
Pickup truck
Layout FF layout
Engine 2.2 L DOHC I4 petrol
2.3 L DOHC I4 petrol
2.4 L OHC I4 diesel
2.9 L OHC I5 diesel
Transmission 5-speed manual
Wheelbase 2,455 mm (96.7 in) (MB100)
2,680 mm (105.5 in) (MB140)
Length 4,890 mm (192.5 in) (MB100)
5,340 mm (210.2 in) (MB140)
Width 1,855 mm (73.0 in)
Height 2,000 mm (78.7 in)
Kerb weight 1,710 kg (3,769.9 lb) (MB100)
1,725 kg (3,803.0 lb) (MB100D)
Predecessor Mercedes-Benz N1000
Successor Mercedes-Benz Vito

The Mercedes-Benz MB100 (Model type 631) was a light commercial, cabovervan (M) made by Mercedes-Benz España S.A. from 1981 to 1996 at their Vitoria-Gasteiz factory in northern Spain. It was offered as a cargo van, a passenger van, and a pickup truck.[1]

Mercedes-Benz España S.A. had obtained the Vitoria factory from Industrias del Motor S.A. (IMOSA) which had been making their F1000 L van there. The F1000 L was a development of the DKW Schnellaster, but with a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine instead of the original DKW two-stroke petrol engine. The MB100 was a further development of IMOSA's F1000 L van.[2]

The MB100 was powered by a 2.4 litre diesel making about 55 kW (73 hp), an engine also used in the Mercedes Benz 207D.[citation needed]

The MB100 was offered in Germany from 1987 to 1995 as an extension of Daimler-Benz's commercial motor vehicle range.[1] In 1992 the MB100 was given a slanted radiator and an extended front end, intended among other things to enhance safety in a collision.[citation needed]

The MB100 was replaced by the Mercedes-Benz Vito in 1996, but remained available for export markets such as Brazil and Argentina until 1997 when the Sprinter started to be made in Argentina.[3]

Pacific market MB100 and MB140[edit]


In 1999, DaimlerChrysler Australia/Pacific introduced the MB100 and the MB140 (Model type 661), a larger derivative of the MB100, to the Australian and Pacific markets.[4] These vans were manufactured under licence by the SsangYong Motor Company, which also made a re-badged version called the SsangYong Istana.[citation needed] The Pacific market MB100D and MB140D both used a licensed version of the naturally aspirated 2.9L OM602 I5 motor from Mercedes mated to a 5 speed manual transmission while the MB100 and MB140 used a licensed Mercedes M111 2.3L petrol engine mated to a 5 speed as well. There were both van and minibus versions with the bus versions having sliding windows, rear concealed air conditioning in the ceiling and convenience lights for the comfort of passengers. In some markets, for example Singapore, there was also an electric step which would slide out when the sliding door was opened for the convenience of passengers. They were made in both right and left hand drive depending on the market it was in and depending on seat arrangement, could accommodate up to 15 people. In late 2004, Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd. took over a major stake in Ssangyong's automobiles division and started manufacturing a redesigned version of the Pacific market MB140.

Mercedes-Benz MB140D made in Korea
Badge on vehicle, reading "MB140D"
MB140D badge on van
Front view of Mercedes-Benz MB140D van.
Front view of Mercedes-Benz MB140D van in Bangkok.


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