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Metamoris is a defunct submission grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu promotion, founded by Ralek Gracie,[1] and executive producer Eddie Marquez that organized events in Los Angeles, California. Live events of Metamoris were broadcast via internet pay-per-view around the world and via premium TV at Canal Combate in Brazil.

Regarded as a pioneer in professional submission grappling, the promotion had a series of difficulties leading to its closure, including mismanagement of funds, non-payment of athletes, objectionable comments made by Ralek Gracie, and resulting backlash.[2][3][4][5][6]


The athletes compete in 20 minute, submission-only, gi or no-gi matches. There are no points given and if there is no submission, a draw is declared.


Metamoris I[edit]

Metamoris I was held 2012-10-14.[7]

Terra defeated Glover via submission (armbar) (13:27)
Lovato defeated Gracie via submission (kimura) (11:16)
Gracie defeated Sousa via submission (armbar) (17:00)
Ribeiro and Lister fought to a draw (20:00)
Galvão and Gracie fought to a draw (20:00)
Gracie and Almeida fought to a draw (20:00)

Metamoris II[edit]

Metamoris II was held 2013-06-09.[8]

Torres and Estima fought to a draw (20:00)
Dern and Nicolini fought to a draw (20:00)
Abreu defeated Schaub via decision (20:00)
Galvão defeated Lovato via decision (20:00)
Vieira defeated Estima via decision (20:00)
Gracie defeated Aoki via submission (guillotine choke) (6:50)

Metamoris III[edit]

Metamoris III was held 2014-03-29.[9] Executive Producer Ralek Gracie & Eddie Marquez

  • #1: United States Zak Maxwell vs. United States Sean Roberts
Maxwell and Roberts fought to a draw (20:00)
Mendes defeated Chantre via submission (baseball bat choke) (6:19)
Lister and Sobral fought to a draw (20:00)
Cornelius defeated Casey via submission (heel hook) (12:53)
Mendes and Gracie fought to a draw (20:00)
Bravo and Gracie fought to a draw (20:00)

Metamoris IV[edit]

Metamoris IV was held 2014-08-09.

  • #1: United States Garry Tonon vs. Australia Kit Dale
Tonon defeated Dale via submission (guillotine choke) (3:20)
Ribeiro and Medeiros fought to a draw (20:00)
Cornelius and Magalhães fought to a draw (20:00)
Yoshida and Glover fought to a draw (20:00)
Barnett defeated Lister via submission (chest compressor) (19:48)
Galvão defeated Sonnen via submission (rear naked choke) (13:49)

Metamoris V[edit]

Metamoris V was held 2014-11-22.

  • #1: United States Garry Tonon vs. United States Zak Maxwell
Tonon defeated Maxwell via submission (heel hook) (9:23)
Magalhães and Diniz fought to a draw (20:00)
Simoes and Cornelius fought to a draw (20:00)
Shields and Satoshi fought to a draw (20:00)
MacDonald and Torres fought to a draw (20:00)
Sakuraba and Gracie fought to a draw (20:00)

Metamoris VI[edit]

Metamoris VI was held 2015-05-09.[10]

  • #1: Ecuador Francisico Iturralde vs. United States Greg McIntyre

Iturralde defeated McIntyre via straight armbar. (06:38)

  • #2: United States Michael Liera, Jr. vs. Morgan Neidlinger

Liera and Neidlinger fought to a draw. (20:00)

  • #3: Brazil Evandro Nunes vs. United States Jimmy Friedrich

Nunes and Friedrich fought to a draw. (20:00)

Gracie and Satoshi fought to a draw. (20:00)

Ribeiro and Cornelius fought to a draw. (20:00)

Danis defeated Lauzon via D'arce choke. (05:41)

Sonnen and Sobral fought to a draw (20:00)

  • #8: United States Josh Barnett (c) vs. United States Ryron Gracie - Metamoris Heavyweight Championship

Barnett defeated Gracie via toehold. (12:58)

Metamoris VII[edit]

Metamoris VII was held 2016-07-17.[11]

  • #1: United States Stephen Martinez vs. Brazil Morgan Neidlinger
Martinez and Neidlinger fought to a draw (20:00)
Leopoldo and Telles fought to a draw (20:00)
Ishii and Matyushenko fought to a draw (20:00)
Martinez and Casey fought to a draw (20:00)
Malfacine and Glover fought to a draw (20:00)
Tonon defeated Gracie via kneebar

Metamoris VIII[edit]

Metamoris VIII was held 2017-11-26.

Ryan defeated Gracie via submission (reverse triangle)

  • #2: United States Carlos Gomez vs. United States Danny Stolfi

Stolfi defeated Gomez via submission (double armbar)


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