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Mongke (also Mönkh, Monkh, Munkh) means "eternal" in Mongolian language and may refer to:



  • Möngke Khan (1209–1259), Great khan of the Mongol Empire
  • Yesü Möngke, khan of Chagatai khanate, 1247–11252
  • Mengu-Timur (d. 1282), also known as Mongke Temur, khan of the Golden Horde, 1267–1280
  • Tuda-Mengu, also known as Tode Mongke, khan of the Golden Horde from 1280–1287
  • Möngke Temür, also known as Mengtemu, chieftain of the Jianzhou Jurchen 1405–1433
  • Batumöngke Dayan Khan, khan of the Northern Yuan Dynasty 1479–1517


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  • Mengü, the Turkic equivalent
  • Mengi, the Turkic equivalent