MotoArena Toruń

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MotoArena Toruń
Stadion unibax2.jpg
Location Toruń, Poland
Coordinates 53°0′56″N 18°33′4″E / 53.01556°N 18.55111°E / 53.01556; 18.55111Coordinates: 53°0′56″N 18°33′4″E / 53.01556°N 18.55111°E / 53.01556; 18.55111
Owner Toruń City
Operator MOSiR Toruń
Capacity 15,500
Opened 3 May 2009
Speedway team: KST Unibax

Marian Rose MotoArena Toruń (Polish: MotoArena im. Mariana Rosego) is a multi-use stadium in Toruń, Poland. It is currently used mostly for motorcycle speedway matches and is the home stadium of KST Unibax Toruń in the Speedway Ekstraliga. The stadium has a capacity of 15,500 people and was opened on 3 May 2009. It is named after Marian Rose, former speedway rider from Toruń.

The speedway track is 325 metres (355 yards) long.



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