NCAA Division I Rowing Championship

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NCAA Division I Rowing Championship
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015 NCAA Division I Rowing Championship
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Sport College rowing
Founded 1997
No. of teams 22
Country United States
Most recent
Ohio State (3)
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The NCAA Division I Rowing Championship is a rowing championship held by the NCAA for Division I women's heavyweight (or openweight) collegiate crews. It was first held in 1997. In 2002, the NCAA added championships for Division II and Division III. All races are 2,000 metres (6,562 ft) long. The NCAA does not sponsor men's rowing (both heavyweight and lightweight) and women's lightweight rowing championships.[1]


The NCAA Division I Women's Rowing Championships have three events (I Eights, II Eights, Fours), and twenty-two teams compete. Eleven teams are selected through automatic qualification based on conference results. An additional eleven at-large teams are selected by the NCAA Rowing Committee. In previous years an additional, four at-large I Eights are selected. As of 2009 all bids must be full teams. Teams are awarded points by their final placing in each event. The NCAA Champion is determined by the team which accumulates the most points. When teams are tied for points after the three events, the NCAA champion is determined by the team with the higher placing in the I Eight event.

At-large participants in the championships are selected by the NCAA Division I Women’s Rowing Committee. The following criteria are used in selecting teams and individual boats:

  • Regional championship results.
  • Regional ranking.
  • Late season performance.
  • Head-to-head results.
  • Results versus team already selected.
  • Results versus common opponents.
  • Results versus regionally ranked team.


NCAA Champions[edit]

NCAA Division I Rowing Championships
Year Site Team Champions Individual Events
Team Score Runner-Up Score Fours Champion II Eights Champion I Eights Champion
Rancho Cordova, CA Washington 201 Princeton 184 Brown Princeton Washington
Gainesville, GA Washington 91 Princeton 85 USC Virginia Washington
Rancho Cordova, CA Brown 56 Virginia 56 Washington Virginia Brown
Camden, NJ Brown 59 Washington 55 Washington Brown Brown
Gainesville, GA Washington 58 Michigan 53 Washington Michigan Washington
Indianapolis, IN Brown 67 Washington 63 Brown Washington Washington
Indianapolis, IN Harvard 59 Brown 57 Brown Brown Harvard
Gold River, CA Brown 70 Yale 58 Virginia Brown Brown
Gold River, CA California 67 Virginia 63 Virginia Virginia California
West Windsor, NJ California 66 Brown 66 Brown Brown Princeton
Oak Ridge, TN Brown 58 Virginia 54 Virginia Minnesota Yale
Gold River, CA Brown 67 Washington 59 Washington Brown Yale
Cherry Hill, NJ Stanford 88 California 85 Clemson Yale Stanford
Gold River, CA Virginia 87 California 82 Virginia Brown Yale
Gold River, CA Brown 85 Stanford 85 California Stanford Princeton
West Windsor, NJ Virginia 87 Michigan 82 Ohio State Michigan Virginia
Indianapolis, IN Ohio State 126 California 124 Ohio State Ohio State California
Indianapolis, IN Ohio State 126 California 118 California Ohio State Ohio State
Gold River, CA Ohio State 126 California 114 Virginia Brown Ohio State
Gold River, CA California 129 Ohio State 126 Ohio State California California
West Windsor, NJ
Sarasota, FL

Team titles[edit]

Team Number Years Won
Brown 7 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2011
Ohio State 3 2013, 2014, 2015
Washington 3 1997, 1998, 2001
California 3 2005, 2006, 2016
Virginia 2 2010, 2012
Harvard 1 2003
Stanford 1 2009

Prior Championships[edit]

The first women’s collegiate championship was held in 1980 at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. National champions were declared from the varsity eight race. California won the first collegiate championship. Below is a list of Women’s National Collegiate varsity eight champions:

(Source: Washington Crew Press Guide)

Prior to 1980, college boats entered the National Women’s Rowing Association National Championships (what is now the USRowing National Championships). Below is a list of NWRA open eights champions from 1971-1979 (no eights prior to 1971). The top college finisher is in parentheses:

Winning crews[edit]

I Eight[edit]

  • 1997 — Sabina Telenska, Denni Nessler, Kelly Horton, Katy Dunnet, Annie Christie, Jan Williamson, Tristine Glick, Kari Green, Alida Purves (cox), Head Coach: Jan Harville
  • 1998 — Sabina Telenska, Denni Nessler, Kelly Horton, Katy Dunnet, Annie Christie, Rachel Dunnet, Vanessa Tavalero, Kari Green, Missy Collins (cox), Head Coach: Jan Harville
  • 1999 — Caroline Grogan, Erin Kelley, Amy Meyers, Nina Carter, Kellie Walker, Anda Adams, Rachel Anderson, Portia Johnson, Kate Saul (cox), Head Coach: John Murphy
  • 2000 — Portia Johnson, Rachel Anderson, Anda Adams, Kellie Walker, Jessica Lanning, Liane Malcos, Erin Kelley, Caroline Grogan, Kate Saul (cox), Head Coach: John Murphy
  • 2001 — Annabel Ritchie, Nicole Rogers, Carrie Stasiak, Adrienne Hunter, Rika Geyser, Anna Mickelson, Nicole Borges, Lauren Estevenin, Mary Whipple (cox), Head Coach: Jan Harville
  • 2002 — Lauren Estevenin, Annabel Ritchie, Anna Mickelson, Heidi Hurn, Adrienne Hunter, Carrie Stasiak, Kara Nykreim, Yvonneke Stenken, Mary Whipple (cox), Head Coach: Jan Harville
  • 2003Sarah Marvel, Courtney Brown, Caryn Davies, Anna Brock, Lis Lambert, Heather Schofield, Caroline Fisher, Tasha Pasternack, Julie Gluck (cox), Head Coach: Liz O'Leary
  • 2004 — Deborah Dryer, Meg Anderson, Catherine Starr, Karen Prazar, Rachel Dearborn, Natalia Obolensky, Marie Walcott, Gillian Almy, Mira Mehta (cox), Head Coach: John Murphy
  • 2005Erin Cafaro, Mara Allen, Erin Reinhardt, Iva Obradović, Kim Atkinson, Laura Terheyden, Kaylan Vander Schilden, Jelena Djukic, Remy Hitomi (cox), Head Coach: Dave O'Neill
  • 2006Caroline Lind, Kristin Haraldsdottir, Jackie Zider, Devan Darby, Andréanne Morin, Carrie Kruse, Genevra "Gevvie" Stone, Kate Bertko, Elizabeth Agnew (cox), Head Coach: Lori Dauphiny
  • 2007 — Rachel Jeffers, Tess Gerrand, Christine Geiser, Jamie Redman, Taylor Ritzel, Amanda Rich, Alice Henly, Christine Glandorf, Emily Cleveland (cox), Head Coach: Will Porter
  • 2008Taylor Ritzel, Christina Person, Tess Gerrand, Jamie Redman, Alice Henly, Maren McCrea, Caroline Nash, Christine Glandorf, Mia Kanak (cox), Head Coach: Will Porter
  • 2009 — Erika Roddy, Di Eaton, Elle Logan, Grace Luczak, Julie Smith, Lindsay Meyer, Michelle Vezie, Adrienne Fritsch, Jenna Levy (cox), Head Coach: Yasmin Farooq
  • 2010Taylor Ritzel, Tess Gerrand, Alice Henly, Maren McCrea, Caroline Nash, Catherine Hart, Stephanie Madner, Dara Dickson, Mia Kanak (cox), Head Coach: Will Porter
  • 2011Lauren Wilkinson, Kelsey Reelick, Emily Reynolds, Michaela Strand, Heidi Robbins, Kelly Pierce, Molly Hamrick, Ashton Brown, Lila Flavin (cox), Head Coach: Lori Dauphiny
  • 2012 — Keziah Beall, Martha Kuzzy, Kristine O'Brien, Sarah Cowburn, Fiona Schlesinger, Susanne Grainger, Hemingway Benton, Carli Goldberg, Sidney Thorsten (cox), Head Coach: Kevin Sauer
  • 2013 — Agatha Nowinski, Erica Rippe, Paparangi Hipango, Kara Kohler, Jenn Helssen, Kendall Chase, Maggie Simpson, Clair Premzic, Rachel Ersted (cox), Head Coach: Dave O'Neill

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