NGC 151

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NGC 151
NGC 151 from the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter using the 0.8m Schulman Telescope
Observation data
Constellation Cetus
Right ascension 00h 34m 02.8s
Declination −09° 42′ 18″
Redshift 0.012499[1]
Helio radial velocity 3745 km/s[1]
Distance 165 Mly
Apparent magnitude (V) 11.6 mag
Type SB(r)bc
Other designations
PGC 2035
See also: Galaxy, List of galaxies

NGC 151 is a mid-sized spiral galaxy located in the Cetus constellation.

The galaxy was discovered by English astronomer William Herschel on November 28, 1785. In 1886, Lewis Swift observed the same galaxy and catalogued it as NGC 153 and later was identified to be NGC 151.

The galaxy, viewed from almost face on, has several bright, blue, dusty spiral arms filled with active star formation. One noticeable feature of the galaxy is a large gap between the spiral arms.


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Coordinates: Sky map 00h 34m 02.8s, -09° 42′ 18″