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National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi
National University of Study and Research in Law Ranchi.jpg
Motto Nasato vidyate bhavo nabhavo vidyate satah. (Sanskrit)
Motto in English
That which exists cannot cease to exist and that which is non-existent cannot come into existence
Type National Law University
Established 2010
Chancellor D.N. Patel
Vice-Chancellor B.C. Nirmal[1]
Location Ranchi, Jharkhand, Jharkhand, India
23°27′8.7732″N 85°18′59.472″E / 23.452437000°N 85.31652000°E / 23.452437000; 85.31652000Coordinates: 23°27′8.7732″N 85°18′59.472″E / 23.452437000°N 85.31652000°E / 23.452437000; 85.31652000
Affiliations UGC
National University of Study and Research in Law Academic Block

National University of Study and Research in Law (NUSRL) is a law university located in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. It was established by a legislative act, by the State Of Jharkhand (act no. 4 of 2010) as the fourteenth national law university of India. B.C. Nirmal is the vice-chancellor of the university; formerly he was the Head and Dean of Law School, Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi). Professor A.K Koul was the founding vice-chancellor of the university, who specialized in international trade law, especially on WTO. Earlier he was the vice-chancellor of National Law University, Jodhpur. The university is located on Kanke Road on the outskirts of Ranchi just ahead of Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry & Allied Sciences and Birsa Agricultural University. It was formally inaugurated by the Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court and Supreme Court Judge designate Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra on 26 April 2010. The 63.76-acre site is among the largest national law universities in India.[2]


The university has a semester system i.e. 2 semesters in an academic year. Each academic year a student has to undertake 5 CAT (Continuous Assessment Test) for each subject, out of which 3 are announced tests and 2 are unannounced ones. The best 3 marks are taken into account for result. The students are also required to undertake compulsory CRE (Court Room Exercise). The number of CRE’s depends on the number of law subjects.


Admissions to NUSRL are done through the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). Student preference shows that the university is faring well in the league of national law universities and remains a priority amongst the newly open national law universities.[3]


NUSRL offers undergraduates a five-year integrated B.A.(Hons,)LL.B(Hons). program which, upon completion, qualifies the student to sit for the bar to practice law in India. The program is a mix of relevant social science subjects and law subjects. The time span for the course is 5 years divided into 10 semesters. In the first two years, the law student attends courses on English, Political Science, Philosophy and Economics alongside standard legal subjects, such as Law of Torts, Law of Contracts and Constitutional law. In the latter three the curriculum consists majorly of legal subjects.


At the postgraduate level, the university offers four-year integrated LL.M-PhD, three-year Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D) and two-year PhD programs, for which the admission is through an entrance test, group discussion and oral test conducted by the university.

NUSRL Library[edit]

The university is equipped with an extensive library covering all subjects of law. Besides legal subjects, the library also has books on social sciences. The library also has acquired subscription to various online databases such as Manupatra, Heinonline, WestLaw, Jstor and Lexis Nexis. The university houses a wide range of law journals.

Moot Court Committee[edit]

The Moot Court Committee (MCC) of National University Of Study And Research in Law, Ranchi (NUSRL) was established in the year 2011. The Moot Court Association has been constantly receiving overwhelming response for participation in various moot court competitions. The university is also excelling in various National Moot Court Competitions. The MCC, NUSRL is currently headed headed and chaired by ed by Mr. Kaushik Bagchi and Co-Chaired by Ms. Hiral Mehta, along with four other faculty members and with student members. The MCC organised the 1st NUSRL National Trial Advocacy Competition, 2015 which saw participation of 18 law universities from India.[4]

After the successful completion of the first edition, National University of Study & Research in Law, Ranchi is organising the 2nd NUSRL National Trial Advocacy Competition, 2017 which is to be held on May 5th-7th, 2017 at the National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi. Registration closes on April 17, 2017.[5]

Chairpersons of the MCC since its inception:

Dr. K. Shyamla (2011-2014)

Mr. Kaushik Bagchi (Chair-person) & Ms. Hiral Mehta (Co-Chairperson) (2014-)

Centre for Research in Intellectual Property Right (IPR)[edit]

The Centre was founded in response to an escalating need felt by scientists, lawyers, technologists and companies. The object is to gain a thoughtful knowledge in patent, trademarks, design and copyright law. More in meticulous the CSRIPR wishes to gain a better insight and glimpse into new and evolving areas of intellectual property law (such as the protection of software, semi-conductor products and biotechnological inventions, standardisation and technology transfers) and the general problems of patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. To achieve these objects the CSRIPR has organized a manifold of activities on an interdisciplinary level. The CSRIPR has organised various seminars and conference relating to the field of IPR. The Director of the centre is Dr. M.R.S Murthy.[6]

Centre for Legal Aid Programme (CLAP)[edit]

Center for Legal Aid and Program, NUSRL (CLAP) is a student-cum-faculty-run society with an aim to spread legal awareness and give real-time effective legal aid to the marginalized section of our society. CLAP was established in the very first year of the inception of the university. CLAP seeks to improve the legal scenario in the state of Jharkhand. It has organised various field trips and conducted surveys and seminars all over the State of Jharkhand so as to spread legal awareness amongst the weaker section of the society. The committee is headed by Mr. Nimesh Das Guru.[7]

Sports activities[edit]

The university is very active when it comes to extracurricular activities, especially in sports. The Sports Committee of NUSRL is headed and chaired by Mr. Arabinda Sahoo. The university organises an Intra Sports fest every year in which the students of the university actively participate. The university has organised NUSRL Cricket Premier League (Teams – Invaders, RDX, Sabers, and Pipers) and NUSRL Football premier league(Teams- Invaders, Tornadoes, Renegade, Encounters ). The students of the university has brought laurels to the college by participating and winning in various national sports fests organized by other universities all across the country. Recently, the students organised a gully cricket league, NUSRL Gully Cricket.

Fests & Cultural Events[edit]

The University recently organised the first edition of Annual fest which was named as Ulgulan. Ulgulan 2016witnessed a foot fall of around 5,000 visitors from PAN-India. The second edition of ulgulan will be held in the year 2017. The university organises a food fest every month. Every food fest has a different theme and sumptuous dishes. The fest also offers a DJ night.


The university has recently stated off with its maiden edition of NUSRL Journal on Law and Policy.[8] Besides this the university has also published CSRIPR Diary Vol. I, 2013.


Hostels at NUSRL

The university currently accommodates its male and female students in on-campus four-storied hostels of around 300 rooms which are well equipped with amenities like wi-fi, hot running water and parking space for local students and faculty members,


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