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The Newport 16 (N-16) is a yacht that was originally designed by William Lapworth as a daysailer, and called the Columbia 15. It was later modified by Lapworth, at the Request of Dick Lindsey, by adding a cabin and turning it into a pocket cruiser named the Newport 16. This a very stable boat for its size. It has a fractional sloop rig.


The Newport 16 was later modified by enlarging the cabin top and renamed the Neptune 16. These came in fixed keel as well as a trailerable swing keel versions.

They were extremely popular and made under a host of names and builders including:

Lindsey Plastics - Capital Yachts - Neptune and Newport

Award - Newport

Lockley - Newport

Gloucester - Gloucester 16 (G-16)

Specs for the Newport 16 swing keel made by Lockley:

  • LOA: 15'7
  • LWL: 14'
  • Beam: 6'3"
  • Hull Weight: 900 lbs
  • Ballast: 200 lbs
  • Draft Keel Down 3'9"
  • Draft Keel Up 9"