Nord-Est (development region)

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Regiunea Nord Est.svg
Country  Romania
Development Agency HQ Piatra Neamț
Largest city Iași
 • Total 36,850 km2 (14,230 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 3,302,217
 • Density 90/km2 (230/sq mi)
Ethnic groups
 • Romanians 97.9%
 • Roma 1.2%
 • Ukrainians 0.3%
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
NUTS code RO21
GDP per capita (PPS) €9,500 (2014)[1]

Nord-Est (North East) is a development region in Romania. As other development regions, it does not have any administrative powers, its main function being to co-ordinate regional development projects and manage funds from the European Union.


The Nord-Est region is made up of the following counties:


The economy of Nord-Est region is mainly agricultural, especially towards the north, even though there are a number of industrial cities, especially Iaşi, Suceava and Bacău. The regional GDP per capita is the lowest in Romania, at about two-thirds of the national average. Botoșani and Vaslui are sometimes regarded among the poorest counties in Romania. Despite this, Iași, the largest city in Nord-Est, is one of the wealthiest cities of the country. The region's richest counties are, in order, Iași, Suceava, Bacău, Neamț, Vaslui and Botoșani.


Nord-Est has a total population of 3,302,217 (2011 Census)[2] making it the most populated region in the country. Its population density is 90/km².

In 2002 The region has a significant Romanian majority, of 97.9%, with the second largest minority being the Romani, who make up 1.2% of the population. Other minorities, which include Ukrainians, make up the rest of the population (0.9%).

Romanian is the most widely spoken language, spoken as a first language by 98.7% of the inhabitants of the region. Minority languages include Romany, spoken by 0.6% of the population, and Ukrainian (0.3%).

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