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This is the order of battle for the First Battle of Ypres fought from 19 October to 22 November 1914 as one of the main engagements of the First World War. It was fought between mixed British Expeditionary Force, French eighth army and armies of the German Empire in northern France and Flanders.

British Expeditionary Force (John French)[edit]

British commander John French

I Corps (Douglas Haig)[edit]

1st Division (Samuel Lomax)

1st (Guards) Brigade
1st Coldstream Guards
1st Scots Guards
1st Black Watch
1st Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
London Scottish Regiment
2nd Brigade
2nd Royal Sussex Regiment
1st Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
1st Northamptonshire Regiment
2nd Kings Royal Rifle Corps
3rd Brigade
1st Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment
1st South Wales Borderers
1st Gloucestershire Regiment
2nd Welsh Regiment
XXV Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
113th Battery
114th Battery
115th Battery
XXVI Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
116th Battery
117th Battery
118th Battery
XXXIX Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
46th Battery
51st Battery
54th Battery
XLIII (Howitzer) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
30th (H) Battery
40th (H) Battery
57th (H) Battery
26th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Mounted Troops
"A" Squadron 15th Hussars
1st Cyclist company
23rd Field company Royal Engineers
26th Field company Royal Engineers

2nd Division (Charles Monro)

4th (Guards) Brigade
2nd Grenadier Guards
2nd Coldstream Guards
3rd Coldstream Guards
1st Irish Guards
1st Hertfordshire Regiment
5th Brigade
2nd Worcestershire Regiment
2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
2nd Highland Light Infantry
2nd Connaught Rangers
6th Brigade
1st King's Regiment (Liverpool)
2nd South Staffordshire Regiment
1st Royal Berkshire Regiment
1st Kings Royal Rifle Corps
XXXIV Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
22nd Battery
50th Battery
70th Battery
XXXVI Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
15th Battery
48th Battery
71st Battery
XLI Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
9th Battery
16th Battery
17th Battery
XLIV (Howitzer) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
47th (H) Battery
56th (H) Battery
60th (H) Battery
35th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Mounted Troops
"B" Squadron 15th Hussars
2nd Cyclist company
5th Field company Royal Engineers
11th Field company Royal Engineers

II Corps (Horace Smith-Dorrien)[edit]

3rd Division (Aylmer Haldane)

7th Infantry Brigade
3rd Worcestershire
2nd South Lancashire
1st Wiltshire(Duke of Edinburgh’s)
2nd Royal Irish Rifles
8th Infantry Brigade
2nd Royal Scots
2nd Royal Irish
4th Middlesex(Duke of Cambridge’s Own)
1st Devonshire
1st Honourable Artillery Company
9th Infantry Brigade
1st Northumberland Fusiliers
4th Royal Fusiliers
1st Lincolnshire
1st Royal Scots Fusiliers
XXIII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
107th Battery
108th Battery
109th Battery
XL Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
6th Battery
23rd Battery
49th Battery
XLII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
29th Battery
41st Battery
45th Battery
XXX (Howitzer) Brigade , Royal Field Artillery
128th (H) Battery
129th (H) Battery
130th (H) Battery
48th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Mounted Troops
"C" Squadron 15th Hussars
3rd Cyclist company
56th Field company Royal Engineers
57th Field company Royal Engineers

5th Division (Charles Fergusson)

13th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)13th Infantry Brigade]]
2nd Kings Own Scottish Borderers
2nd Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding)
1st Royal West Kent
2nd The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
14th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)14th Infantry Brigade]]
2nd Suffolk
1st East Surrey
1st Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
2nd Manchester
15th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)15th Infantry Brigade]]
1st Norfolk
1st Bedfordshire
1st Cheshire
1st Dorsetshire
XV Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
11th Battery
52nd Battery
80th Battery
XXVII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
119th Battery
120th Battery
121st Battery
XXVIII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
122nd Battery
123rd Battery
124th Battery
VIII (Howitzer) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
37th (H) Battery
61st (H) Battery
65th (H) Battery
108th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Mounted Troops
"A" Squadron 19th Hussars
5th Cyclist company
17th Field company Royal Engineers
59th Field company Royal Engineers

III Corps (William Pulteney)[edit]

4th Division (Henry Wilson)

10th Brigade
1st Royal Warwickshire
2nd Seaforth Highlanders
1st Princess Victoria’s (Royal Irish Fusiliers)
2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers
11th Brigade
1st Prince Albert (Somerset Light Infantry)
1st East Lancashire
1st Hampshire
1st The Rifle Brigade
12th Brigade
1st The King’s Own (Royal Lancaster)
2nd Lancashire Fusiliers
2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
2nd Sussex
XIV Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
39th Battery
68th Battery
88th Battery
XXIX Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
125th Battery
126th Battery
127th Battery
XXXII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
27th Battery
134th Battery
135th Battery
XXXVII (Howitzer) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
31st (H) Battery
35th (H) Battery
55th (H) Battery
31st Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Mounted Troops
"A" Squadron 19th Hussars
4th Cyclist company
7th Field company Royal Engineers
9th Field company Royal Engineers

6th Division (John Keir)

16th Brigade
1st Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
1st Leicestershire
1st King's (Shropshire Light Infantry)
2nd York and Lancaster
17th Brigade
1st Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
1st Prince of Wales's (North Staffordshire Regiment)
2nd Prince of Wales's Leinster (Royal Canadians)
3rd Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own)
18th Brigade
1st Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
1st East Yorkshire
2nd Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)
2nd Durham Light Infantry
19th Brigade
2nd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
2nd Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
1st Middlesex
2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
II Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
21st Battery
42nd Battery
53rd Battery
XXIV Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
110th Battery
111th Battery
112th Battery
XXXVIII Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
24th Battery
34th Battery
72nd Battery
XII (Howitzer) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
43rd (H) Battery
86th (H) Battery
87th (H) Battery
24th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Mounted Troops
"C" Squadron 19th Hussars
6th Cyclist company
12th Field company Royal Engineers
38th Field company Royal Engineers

Royal Flying Corps (David Henderson)[edit]

HQ Wireless Unit
2nd Aeroplane Squadron
3rd Aeroplane Squadron
4th Aeroplane Squadron
5th Aeroplane Squadron
6th Aeroplane Squadron

Cavalry Corps (Edmund Allenby)[edit]

1st Cavalry Division (Beauvoir De Lisle)

1st Cavalry Brigade
2nd Dragoon Guards
5th Dragoon Guards
11th Hussars
1st Signal Troop
2nd Cavalry Brigade
4th Dragoon Guards
9th Lancers
18th Hussars
2nd Signal Troop
VII Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery
H Battery, RHA
I Battery, RHA
Cavalry Divisional Troops
1st Field Squadron Royal Engineers
1st Signal Squadron
1st Cavalry Division supply column
1st and 3rd Cavalry Field Ambulances

2nd Cavalry Division (Hubert Gough)

3rd Cavalry Brigade
4th Hussars
5th Lancers
16th Lancers
3rd Signal Troop
4th Cavalry Brigade
6th Dragoon Guards
3rd Hussars
Household Cavalry Composite Regiment
4th Signal Troop
5th Cavalry Brigade
2nd Dragoons
12th Lancers
20th Hussars
5th Signal Troop
III Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery
D Battery, RHA
E Battery, RHA
J Battery, RHA
Cavalry Divisional Troops
2nd Field Squadron Royal Engineers
2nd Signal Squadron
2nd Cavalry Division supply column
2nd, 4th and 5th Cavalry Field Ambulances

IV Corps (Henry Rawlinson)[edit]

7th Division (Thompson Capper)

20th Brigade
1st Grenadier Guards
2nd Scots Guards
2nd Border
2nd Gordon Highlanders
21st Brigade
2nd Bedfordshire
2nd Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment)
2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers
2nd Wiltshire (Duke of Edinburgh's)
22nd Brigade
2nd Queen's (Royal West Surrey)
2nd Royal Warwickshire
1st Royal Welch Fusiliers
1st South Staffordshire
XIV Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery
C Battery, RHA
F Battery, RHA
XXII Brigade Royal Field Artillery
104th Battery
105th Battery
106th Battery
XXXV Brigade Royal Field Artillery
12th Battery
25th Battery
58th Battery
24th Heavy Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery
7th Divisional ammunition column
Mounted Troops
Northumberland Hussars
7th Cyclist company
54th Field company Royal Engineers
55th Field company Royal Engineers
Divisional Troops
7th Signal company
7th divisional train
21st,22nd and 23rd Field Ambulances

3rd Cavalry Division (Julian Byng)

6th Cavalry Brigade
3rd (Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards
1st Royal Dragoons
10th Hussars
7th Cavalry Brigade
1st Life Guards
2nd Life Guards
Royal Horse Guards
XV Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery (later renumbered IV Brigade, RHA)
G Battery, RHA
K Battery, RHA
Cavalry Divisional Troops
3rd Field Squadron Royal Engineers
3rd Signal Squadron
33rd Cavalry Division supply column
6th and 7th Cavalry Field Ambulances

Indian Corps (James Willcocks)[edit]

Lahore Division (H.B.B. Watkis)

Ferozepore Brigade
1st Connaught Rangers
9th Bhopal Infantry
57th Wilde's Rifles
129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis
Jullundur Brigade
1st Manchester
15th Ludhiana Sikhs
47th Sikhs
59th Scinde Rifles

Meerut Division (C.A. Anderson)

Dehra Dun Brigade
1st Seaforth Highlanders
6th Jat Light Infantry
2/2 King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)
1/9 Gurkha Rifles
Garwhal Brigade
2nd Leicestershire
1/39 Garhwal Rifles
2/39 Garhwal Rifles
2/3 Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles
Bareilly Brigade
2nd Black Watch
41st Dogras
58th Vaughan's Rifles
2/8 Gurkha Rifles
IV Brigade Royal Field Artillery
7th Battery
14th Battery
66th Battery
IX Brigade Royal Field Artillery
19th Battery
20th Battery
28th Battery
XIII Brigade Royal Field Artillery
2nd Battery
8th Battery
44th Battery
110th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
Meerut Divisional ammunition column
Mounted Troops
4th Cavalry(Lancers)
3rd company 1st King George V's Own Bengal Sappers and Miners
4th company 1st King George V's Own Bengal Sappers and Miners
Divisional Troops
Meerut Signal company
107th Pioneers
Meerut divisional train
19th and 20th Field Ambulances
128th, 129th and 130th (Indian) Field Ambulances

Units at Antwerp[edit]

Royal Naval Division (Archibald Paris)

French VIII Army (Victor d'Urbal)[edit]

French commander Victor d'Urbal

IX Corps (Dubois)[edit]

17th Division (Guignabaudet)
18th Division (Lefevre)
6th Cavalry Division (Requichot)
7th Cavalry Division (Hely d'Oissel)

XVI Corps (Paul François Grossetti)[edit]

31st Division (Vidal)
32nd Division (Bouchez)
39th Division (Danant)
43rd Division (Lanquetot)

XXXII Corps (Georges Louis Humbert)[edit]

38th Division (Jean-Marie Brulard)
42nd Division (Denis Auguste Duchêne)
89th Territorial Division (Boucher)
4th Cavalry Division (Buyer)

XX Corps (Balfourier)[edit]

11th Division (Ferry)
26th Division (Hallouin)

II Cavalry Corps (Antoine de Mitry)[edit]

87th Territorial Division (Roy)
5th Cavalry Division (Allenou)
9th Cavalry Division (de L'espee)

I Cavalry Corps (Conneau)[edit]

1st Cavalry Division (Olivier Mazel)
3rd Cavalry Division (Lastours)
10th Cavalry Division (Contades)

German Fourth Army (Albrecht of Württemberg)[edit]

German commander Albrecht of Württemberg

Marine Division (Ludwig von Schröder)

III Reserve Corps (von Beseler)[edit]

Composite Cavalry Unit (3 squadrons each from 2nd Reserve Dragoon Regiment and 3rd Reserve Uhlan Regiment)

5th Reserve Division (Richard Voigt)

6 batteries, 6th Reserve Field Artillery Regiment
9th Reserve Infantry Brigade
8th Reserve Infantry Regiment
48th Reserve Infantry Regiment
10th Reserve Infantry Brigade
12th Reserve Infantry Regiment
52nd Reserve Infantry Regiment

6th Reserve Division (Emil von Schickfuß und Neudorf)

6 batteries, 6th Reserve Field Artillery Regiment
11th Reserve Infantry Brigade
20th Reserve Infantry Regiment
24th Reserve Infantry Regiment
12th Reserve Infantry Brigade
26th Reserve Infantry Regiment
35th Reserve Infantry Regiment

4th Ersatz Division (Albert von Werder)

XXII Reserve Corps (Eugen von Falkenhayn)[edit]

43rd Reserve Division (Karl Stenger)

44th Reserve Division (Eugen von Dorrer)

XXIII Reserve Corps (Georg von Kleist)[edit]

45th Reserve Division (Albert Schöpflin)

46th Reserve Division (Bruno Hahn)

XXVI Reserve Corps (Otto von Hügel)[edit]

51st Reserve Division (Ferdinand Waenker von Dankenschweil)

52nd Reserve Division (Emil Waldorf)

XXVII Reserve Corps (Adolph von Carlowitz)[edit]

53rd Reserve Division (Hans von Watzdorf)

54th Reserve Division (Paul von Schaefer)

Plettenberg's Corps (Karl von Plettenberg)[edit]

2nd Guards Division (Arnold von Winckler)

II Army Corps (Alexander von Linsingen)[edit]

30th Aviation Battalion
15th (Heavy) Foot Artillery Regiment

3rd Division (Ferdinand Karl von Trossel)

3rd Artillery Brigade
3rd Horse Grenadiers
5th Infantry Brigade
2nd Grenadier Regiment
9th Grenadier Regiment
6th Infantry Brigade
34th Fusilier Regiment
42nd Infantry Regiment

4th Division (Erich Freyer)

4th Artillery Brigade
12th Dragoons
7th Infantry Brigade
14th Infantry Regiment
149th Infantry Regiment
8th Infantry Brigade
49th Infantry Regiment
140th Infantry Regiment

XV Corps (Berthold von Deimling)[edit]

30th Division (Friedrich von Gontard)

39th Division (Hugo von Kathen)

German Sixth Army (Rupprecht of Bavaria)[edit]

German commander Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria

II Royal Bavarian Corps (Karl von Martini)[edit]

3rd Bavarian Division (Otto Ritter von Breitkopf)

4th Bavarian Division (Ernst Ritter von Schrott)

6th Bavarian Reserve Division (Maximilian von Speidel)

XIII (Royal Württemberg) Corps (Max von Fabeck)[edit]

25th Reserve Division (Thaddäus von Jarotzky)

26th Division (Wilhelm von Urach)

I Cavalry Corps (Manfred von Richthofen)[edit]

Guard Cavalry Division (Günther von Etzel)

4th Cavalry Division (Otto von Garnier)

II Cavalry Corps (Georg von der Marwitz)[edit]

2nd Cavalry Division (Georg Thumb von Neuburg)

7th Cavalry Division (Ernst von Heydebreck)

IV Cavalry Corps (Gustav von Hollen)[edit]

3rd Cavalry Division (Kurt von Unger)

Bavarian Cavalry Division (Karl von Wenninger)

XIX (2nd Royal Saxon) Corps (Maximillian von Laffert)[edit]

24th Division (Hans Krug von Nidda)

40th Division (Leo Götz von Olenhusen)

VII Army Corps (Eberhardt von Claer)[edit]

13th Division (Kurt von dem Borne)

14th Division (Paul Fleck)

XIV Corps (Theodor von Watter)[edit]

28th Division (Kurt von Kehler)

29th Division (August Isbert)

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