Panther Creek Wind Farm

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Panther Creek Wind Farm
Panther creek windfarm big spring tx.jpg
Part of the Panther Creek Wind Farm in Howard County as seen from Big Spring State Park.
CountryUnited States
LocationBig Spring, Texas
Coordinates31°59′N 101°07′W / 31.983°N 101.117°W / 31.983; -101.117Coordinates: 31°59′N 101°07′W / 31.983°N 101.117°W / 31.983; -101.117
Power generation
Units operational305
Nameplate capacity457.5 MW

The Panther Creek Wind Farm in Big Spring, Texas, United States consists of 305 wind turbines and has an installed capacity of 457.5 megawatts, making it one of the ten largest wind farms in the United States. Phases I and II of the wind farm became operational early in 2009, with the completion of the third and final phase in September 2009. The projects are located in Howard, Sterling and Glasscock Counties.[1] The wind farm can now generate enough wind power to supply 135,000 Texan homes.[2]

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