Wind power in Delaware

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Wind potential in Delaware

The potential of on-shore wind power in Delaware is minimal, having a potential of generating at most 22 GWh/year.[1] Delaware's principal wind potential is from offshore wind. A 2012 assessment estimates that 15,038 MW of offshore wind turbines could generate 60,654 GWh/year.[1] Delaware generated 11,522 GWh from all generating sources in 2011.[2]

The state of Delaware ran a request for proposals (RFP) during 2006-2007 that is notable as the first known RFP, world-wide, in which offshore wind power competed equally against coal and natural gas power alternatives.[3]

As of 2013, 2 MW of electricity were produced by wind power in Delaware.[4] A single 256-foot tall, 210-ton turbine at the University of Delaware in Lewes was built in since 2010 for generating and educational purposes[5]

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