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Paraguayan Uruguayans are people born in Paraguay who live in Uruguay, or Uruguayan-born people of Paraguayan descent.


There are lots of Paraguayan-born persons living in Uruguay, for a number of reasons. Both countries share the Spanish language; their historical origins are common (part of the Viceroyalty of the River Plate, Spanish Empire); both countries are members of MERCOSUR, there is no need for special migration documents, and circulation is relatively easy. Uruguay is a small, quiet country, with wide beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, so many well-off Paraguayans choose Uruguay as their usual holiday destination, some of them even as permanent residence. Other Paraguayans of a lower social condition come to Uruguay in search of job opportunities, as part of a big inflow of Latin Americans coming to Uruguay.[1][2]

The 2011 Uruguayan census revealed 1,781 people who declared Paraguay as their country of birth.[3] As of 2013, there are some 150 Paraguayan citizens registered in the Uruguayan social security.[4]

Paraguayan residents in Uruguay have their own social and cultural association.[5]

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