Pretty Little Head (song)

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"Pretty Little Head"
UK front cover
Single by Paul McCartney
from the album Press to Play
B-side "Write Away" (7")
"Write Away" and "Angry" (12")
Released 27 October 1986 (7" and 12")
17 November 1986 (cassette)
Format 7", 12", cassette
Recorded April/May 1985
Genre Rock
Length 5:14 (album)
3:50 (7")
6:56 (remix) (12" and cassette)
Label Parlophone
Writer(s) Paul McCartney and Eric Stewart
Producer(s) Paul McCartney and Hugh Padgham
Paul McCartney singles chronology
"Pretty Little Head"

"Pretty Little Head" is a song by Paul McCartney,[1] cowritten by McCartney, and 10cc guitarist Eric Stewart. The track is on his sixth studio solo album Press to Play. The track was McCartney's thirty-eighth single, and his first which failed to chart, so, in an attempt to boost sales, he released his first ever cassette single.[1] It still failed to reach the top 75.[1]


The single was released at a length of 3:50 on the 7" release (remixed by Larry Alexander), and as a 6:56 remix (mixed by John Potoker) on the 12" release on the same day, 27 October 1986, and an extra track, "Angry", was added to the 12".[1] The cassette version was the same as the 12", and was released on 17 November 1986.[1] Both of these lengths are different from the album version, which has a length of 5:14. (See Press to Play).

"Write Away", the single's B-side, is included only on the CD release of the album, resulting in the back of the single listing the A-side as "From the album" and the B-side as "From the compact disc".[1]

Track listing[edit]

7" single (R 6145)
  1. "Pretty Little Head" - 3:50
    • Remix by Larry Alexander
  2. "Write Away" - 3:01
12" single (12R 6145)
  1. "Pretty Little Head" - 6:56
    • Remix by John 'Tokes' Potoker
  2. "Angry" (Remix) - 3:36
    • Remix by Larry Alexander
  3. "Write Away" - 3:01


A music video, directed by Steve Barron, was recorded for the song,[1] which features a girl running away from home after she witnesses her parents in an argument; she then finds herself in a big city. The girl is actress Gabrielle Anwar. McCartney appears only in a short cameo role, which he filmed in London on 18 October 1986.[1] The beginning of the video contains an excerpt from "She's Leaving Home," a Beatles song written and performed in 1967, for the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.


Reviews of the song, and the album as a whole, were mixed. The song has been described as "wild, hi-tech experimentation",[2] and as "computer-laiden, spacey-sounding, boomey-drumming, while Rolling Stone magazine described it as "dreamily abstract".[3]


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