Jukunoid languages

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Nigeria, Cameroon
Linguistic classification Niger–Congo
Glottolog juku1257[1]
The Jukunoid languages shown within Nigeria and Cameroon

The Jukunoid languages are a branch of the Central Nigerian (or Platoid) languages spoken by the Jukun and related peoples of Nigeria and Cameroon.

Their asymmetrical nasal consonants are abnormal for West Africa.


The following classification is from Glottolog;[1] the Korofofa branch has been added from Ethnologue (Glottolog classifies the Korofofa languages as Jukun):[2]

Ethnologue adds the Yukubenic branch of the Plateau languages as part of a Yukubenic-Kuteb group[2] based on Shimizu (1980), and Blench also follows this classification.[3] Ethnologue also leaves the Wurbo language Shoo-Minda-Nye as unclassified within Jukun–Mbembe–Wurbo, and includes the unclassified Benue–Congo language Tita in its place.[2]


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