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Razor-qt Logo
Razor desktop.png
Razor-qt 0.4.1 running on Linux Mint 12
Developer(s) The Razor-qt Team, contributors
Initial release 2010[1][2]
Stable release
0.5.2 / 12 January 2013; 4 years ago (2013-01-12)
Repository github.com/Razor-qt/razor-qt
Development status Discontinued. Merged into LXQt.
Written in C++, Qt
Operating system Unix-like
Available in Multilingual
Type Desktop environment
License GPL v2
Website razor-qt.org

Razor-qt was a free desktop environment for personal computers. Razor and LXDE were merged, another project with similar scope and has been perpetuated as LXQt.

The developers describe Razor-qt as "an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast desktop environment based on Qt 4 and has not been ported to Qt 5. It has been tailored for users who value simplicity, speed, and an intuitive interface. Unlike most desktop environments, Razor-qt is also wrought fine with weak machines."[3]


Razor-qt was still in the early stages of development.[4] As of February 2012, the environment includes a panel viewer and switcher, a desktop, an application launcher, a settings center, and sessions. These components can be enabled or disabled by the user.[5]

Razor-qt is wrought with any modern X window manager such as Openbox, fvwm2, or KWin.

The memory consumption of Razor-qt is slightly above the one of LXDE using 114 MiB in a reviewer's test while LXDE used 108 MiB in a user test.[6]

Merge with LXDE[edit]

After LXDE developer Hong Jen Yee ported PCManFM to Qt in early 2013,[7][8] he and other interested developers discussed a potential collaboration with LXDE, another open-source desktop environment with similar software design goals.[9] On 21 July 2013, A representative of the Razor-qt project announced that Razor-qt would merge with LXQt, the Qt port of LXDE.[10] The first release of the new product, LXQt v0.7.0,[11] was made public on 2014-05-07.[12]

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