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Romanian Argentines
Total population
c. 10,000
Rioplatense Spanish · Romanian
Related ethnic groups
Argentines of European descent

A Romanian Argentine is an Argentine citizen of Romanian descent or a Romania-born person who resides in Argentina.

Romanian immigration to Argentina began in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. It started along with the massive wave of European immigrants who arrived in the country during that period. Numerically, this current was significantly lower than that of other peoples of Central and Eastern Europe such as Czechs, Bulgarians and Hungarians.


Romanian immigration to Argentina can be divided into three waves:[1]

First wave[edit]

The first wave ranges from the late nineteenth century until after World War II. Immigrants came mainly from occupied lands by Austria-Hungary (Transylvania and Bukovina) and the Russian Empire (Bessarabia).

Second wave[edit]

Third wave[edit]

Romanian Jews[edit]

As part of the first wave of Romanian immigrants who arrived to Argentina, Jewish settlers founded numerous towns in Santa Fe and Entre Ríos, including those of Moisés Ville, Palacios, Las Palmeras and Monigotes. Many families of Romanian-Jewish background joined these groups of pioneers.[2]

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