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Type Porridge/Stew
Place of origin Canada
Region or state Rupert's Land
Main ingredients Peas or corn, fat (bear or pork), bread or flour, pemmican
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Rubaboo is a basic stew or porridge consumed by coureurs des bois and voyageurs (fur traders) and Métis people[1] of North America, traditionally made of peas or corn (or both) with grease (bear or pork) and a thickening agent (bread or flour). Pemmican[2] and maple sugar were also commonly added to the mixture. It is occasionally spelled Rubbaboo. Other sources describe it as consisting primary of boiled pemmican, with thickening agents added when available.[2][3]

The etymology of the word is a blend of the French word roux (a thickener used in gravies and sauces) with the word for soup ("aboo") from an Algonquian language [4], such as Anishnaabe naboo[5].

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