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Newfoundland breakfast.jpg
Beans, a touton, fried egg and bologna.
Alternative namesTiffin, touton, touten, towtent, tushin, damper dogs, damper devils
TypePancake, doughnut
Place of originCanada[1]
Region or stateNewfoundland
Main ingredientsBread dough, butter or pork fat

A touton /ˈttən/ (or toutin) is a type of traditional Canadian pancake commonly made in Newfoundland, produced by frying bread dough on a pan with butter or pork fat[2] served with dark molasses, corn syrup or fruit jam. It is traditionally made from leftover bread dough.

Toutons are usually served at breakfast or brunch and can still be found quite commonly on the breakfast menus of many local restaurants. It is much rarer to find them cooked in fatback pork as modern day dietary considerations have seen an evolution to more healthy fats; the toutons found in Newfoundland restaurants are more likely fried in a combination of olive oil, clarified butter or canola oil. The other very traditional accompaniment to toutons is a drizzle of molasses or pat of butter.

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