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Saks-34th Street was a fashion-focused middle market department store that was spun off from Saks & Company when that upscale retailer moved to a new store on New York's 5th Avenue, a location that Saks 5th Avenue maintains to this day.[1]

Saks-34th Street became a part of the New York division of Gimbels, and a sky bridge across 33rd Street connected the second floors of both flagship buildings.[2] [This cannot be correct because the sky bridge does not cross 33rd Street. The sky bridge crosses 32nd Street in the opposite direction to the south.]

In the 1947 movie Miracle on 34th Street the facade of Saks-34th Street is shown in a scene that focuses on the Gimbel's flagship store. Branch locations were opened around the greater New York area.

After Gimbels decided to close the division, the first floor of the building was used as a Christmas season annex for Gimbel's before being sold to the E.J. Korvettes chain.[3][4]

After the demise of the Korvettes chain the building was remodeled into the Herald Center.