Sex on the Beach

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Sex on the Beach
IBA official cocktail
Sex On The Beach.jpg
Sex on the Beach
Primary alcohol by volume
ServedOn the rocks; poured over ice
Standard garnishorange slice
Standard drinkware
Highball Glass (Tumbler).svg
Highball glass
IBA specified
PreparationBuild all ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with orange slice.
dagger Sex on the Beach recipe at International Bartenders Association

A Sex on the Beach is an alcoholic cocktail containing vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. The cocktail is usually consumed during summer months. It is an IBA Official Cocktail.

There are several stories claiming to describe the origin of the Sex on the Beach. One claims that the cocktail originated in Florida, USA in the spring of 1987 coinciding with the introduction of peach schnapps. A bartender at Confetti's Bar devised the drink and gave it the name in a nod to the many tourists visiting Florida's beaches each spring.[1] Technically the drink is a mix of a Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry juice) and a Fuzzy Navel (peach schnapps and orange juice) and hence gives another clue as to the origin of the name.

General types[edit]

There are two general types of the cocktail:

The drink is built over ice in a highball glass and garnished with an orange slice.[3] Sometimes they are mixed in smaller amounts and served as a shooter.


Several variations are sometimes referred to by the same name:

  • Hard Rock Cafe's recipe is based on the second form, calling for vodka, Midori, Chambord, lemon juice, pineapple juice and sugar syrup, shaken and strained over ice into a Collins glass.
  • Other variations use both orange juice and pineapple juice.
  • Coconut rum is often substituted for the vodka.
  • Grenadine is sometimes used in place of cranberry juice, especially in locales where cranberry juice is hard to come by.
  • Amaretto is sometimes added for extra flavor.
  • Sex on the Beach is often made as a shooter by using half vodka, half peach schnapps and a bit of grenadine.
  • Yet another variation of the basic Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, & cranberry juice recipe is the addition of apple schnapps. This recipe can be served as either a cocktail or a shooter.

Some derivative variations have their own names:

  • "Sex on Fire" is Sex on the Beach with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in place of the vodka.[citation needed]
  • A "sex in the driveway" is a sex on the beach with orange juice and cranberry juice replaced with blue curaçao and Sprite.[4]
  • A "Woo Woo" is Sex on the Beach without orange juice.[5]
  • The alcohol-free variation is sometimes referred to as "Safe Sex on the Beach," "Cuddles on the Beach," or "Virgins on the Beach".[6]


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