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SimMars is a cancelled strategy game that was in development at Maxis around the same time as the release of The Sims.

A trailer for the game was included on the SimCity 3000 CD. From the trailer, the premise of the game seemed to be a manned mission to the planet Mars, followed by a terraforming and colonization scenario, typical of the Maxis world-building game style. The game presumed to be an integration of previous Maxis titles, presented in 3D, possibly including elements of SimEarth, SimLife, and SimCity.

Cancellation and aftermath[edit]

On May 12, 2000, Maxis announced that the game was put on hold.[1]

An arcade game titled SimMars is in The Sims: Vacation, where it is described as follows: "Direct mankind's first mission to the red planet! Launch rockets and deploy robot probes! Deploy teams to search for alien resources! Establish and run a network of specialized colonies to create a self-sufficient civilization! Provide your colony with food, shelter, and power! Fast, furious, adrenaline-pumping action!"

Fans have created a SimMars mod for SimCity 4.


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