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Sky News presenters and editorial team

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Sky News has about 600 staff, of whom about 50 speak on camera.[1][failed verification]

Main news presenters[edit]

Main programme presenters[edit]

Presenter Programme On Air Location
Gareth Barlow Breakfast Monday-Friday 06:00-10:00 Westminster
Kay Burley Breakfast with Kay Burley Monday-Thursday 07:00-10:00
Anna Jones Breakfast with Anna Jones Friday 07:00-10:00; Saturday 06:00-10:00; Sunday 06:00-08:30
Sir Trevor Phillips Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips Sunday 08:30-10:00
Wilfred Frost Sky News Today with Wilfred Frost Monday-Thursday 10:00-11:30 Osterley
Ian King Business Live with Ian King Monday-Friday 11:30-12:00, 16:30-17:00 10 Fleet Place, CNBC Europe
Jayne Secker Sky News Today with Jayne Secker Monday-Thursday 12:00-14:00 Osterley
Samantha Washington Sky News Today with Samantha Washington Friday 10:00-11:30, 12:00-13:00; Saturday 10:00-14:00
Kamali Melbourne Sky News Today with Kamali Melbourne Monday-Thursday 14:00-16:30
Matt Barbet Sky News Today with Matt Barbet Friday 13:00-16:30; Sunday 10:00-14:00
Saima Mohsin Sky News Today with Saima Mohsin Saturday-Sunday 14:00-17:00
Mark Austin The News Hour with Mark Austin Monday-Thursday 17:00-19:00
Jonathan Samuels The News Hour with Jonathan Samuels Friday 17:00-19:00; Saturday-Sunday 17:00-20:00
Sophy Ridge Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge[2] Monday-Thursday 19:00-20:00 Westminster
Sarah Jane Mee The UK Tonight with Sarah-Jane Mee Monday-Thursday 20:00-21:00 Osterley
Yalda Hakim The World with Yalda Hakim Monday-Thursday 21:00-22:00 Westminster
Niall Paterson Friday Night with Niall Paterson Friday 19:00-22:00
Anna Botting Sky News at 10 with Anna Botting Monday-Thursday 22:00-00:00 Osterley
Gillian Joseph Sky News at 10 with Gillian Joseph Friday 22:00-00:00; Saturday-Sunday 20:00-00:00

Overnight and relief presenters[edit]

Vanessa Baffoe
Leah Boleto
Sally Lockwood
Sam Naz
Simon Pusey
Nick Quraishi
Barbara Serra

Editorial team & correspondents[edit]


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Beth Rigby Political Editor[3]
Sam Coates Deputy Political Editor[4]
Jon Craig Chief Political Correspondent
Tamara Cohen Political Correspondent
Rob Powell
Matthew Thompson
Mhari Aurora
Liz Bates Currently on maternity leave.[5]
Ali Fortescue Currently Hosting,
The Politics Hub
(Fri - Sun)
Amanda Akass Currently on maternity leave
Gurpreet Narwan
Serena Barker-Singh
Darren McCaffrey
Nick Martin People & Politics Correspondent
Michael Thrasher Election Analyst

Business and Economics[edit]

Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Ed Conway Economics and Data Editor
Mark Kleinman City Editor
Paul Kelso Business Correspondent
Adele Robinson


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Dominic Waghorn International Affairs Editor
Stuart Ramsay Chief Correspondent Co-Present Hotspots, Award-winning documentary series covering global crises.
Alex Crawford Special Correspondent
John Sparks International Correspondent
Alex Rossi
Diana Magnay
Alistair Bunkall Middle East Correspondent Based in Jerusalem
Martha Kelner US Correspondent Based in Washington, D.C.
Mark Stone
James Matthews
Helen-Ann Smith Asia Correspondent Based in Beijing
Cordelia Lynch
Nicole Johnston
Siobhan Robbins Europe Correspondent Based in Berlin[6]
Adam Parsons Based in Brussels[7]
Ivor Bennett Moscow Correspondent
Yousra Elbagir Africa Correspondent Based in Johannesburg[8]
Neville Lazarus India Reporter Based in New Delhi[9]


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Jason Farrell Home Editor
Tom Parmenter National Correspondent
Connor Gillies Scotland Correspondent Based in Edinburgh[10]
David Blevins Senior Ireland Correspondent Based in Belfast[11]
Stephen Murphy Ireland Correspondent Based in Dublin[12]
Greg Milam Chief North of England Correspondent
Shingi Mararike North of England Correspondent
Inzamam Rashid
Katerina Vittozzi
Frazer Maude
Dan Whitehead West of England and Wales Correspondent
Lisa Dowd Midlands Correspondent
Becky Cotterill


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Deborah Haynes Security and Defence Editor
Tom Clarke Science and Technology Editor
Thomas Moore Science and Medical Correspondent
Ashish Joshi Health Correspondent
Arthi Nachiappan Technology Correspondent
Tom Cheshire Data and Forensics Correspondent
Hannah Thomas-Peter Climate Change and Energy Correspondent
Lisa Holland Communities Correspondent
Becky Johnson
Martin Brunt Crime Correspondent
Rhiannon Mills Royal Correspondent
Laura Bundock
Katie Spencer Arts & Entertainment Correspondent Presents entertainment podcast Backstage[13]
Bethany Minelle Arts & Entertainment Reporter Also co-host entertainment podcast Backstage[13]
Claire Gregory
Gemma Peplow
Michael Clarke Military Analyst
Sean Bell
Alastair Bruce Royal and Religious Affairs Commentator

General News[edit]

Title(s) Pearson Related note(s)
News Correspondent
Alice Porter
Amelia Harper
Ashna Hurynag
Daniel Henry
Emma Birchley
Milena Veselinovic
Rachael Venables
Sadiya Chowdhury
Shamaan Freeman-Powell


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Nick Powell Sports Editor Also Sky Sports News presenter
Rob Harris Sports Correspondent
Jacquie Beltrao Sports presenter in Sky News Breakfast Saturday & Sunday
Various presenters from Sky Sports News present Sport Bulletins at all other times


Person Title(s) Related note(s)
Kirsty McCabe Weather producer and presenter

The Pledge panellists[edit]

On 6 April 2016, Sky News announced that it was to launch a new show, The Pledge. It would not have a traditional presenter, but would instead have nine panellists, with five appearing on each episode. Michelle Dewberry, Nick Ferrari, Rachel Johnson, Graeme Le Saux and June Sarpong appeared in the first programme on Thursday 21 April.

Former presenters and reporters[edit]


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