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EP by Dilla Ghost DOOM
Released 2008
Recorded 2005-2006
Genre Hip hop
Length 8:34
Label Stones Throw
Producer J Dilla

Sniperlite is an EP released by the hip hop collaboration Dilla Ghost Doom. The trio composed of hip hop producer J Dilla, Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah, and underground rapper MF DOOM. Recorded sometime during 2005 before the death of J Dilla, it was released in 2008 by Stones Throw Records.

Track List[edit]

# Title Length Producer(s) Performer(s) Notes
1 "Sniper Elite" 1:58 J Dilla DOOM Instrumental track 19 "Anti-American Graffiti" on J Dilla's Donuts.
2 "Murder Goons" 2:22 J Dilla Ghostface Killah Instrumental track 20 "Geek Down" on J Dilla's Donuts.
3 "Sniper Elite and Murder Goons" 4:14 J Dilla DOOM, Ghostface Killah