South China Agricultural University

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South China Agricultural University
South China Agricultural University logo.png
Former names
华南农学院 (South China Agricultural Institute)
Motto 修德、博学、求实、创新
Established 1909(In fact,1952)
Type Public
President Chen Xiaoyang
Academic staff
Administrative staff
more than 2,900
Students 43,470(fall 2014)
Undergraduates 38,015(fall 2014)
Postgraduates 5,348(fall 2014)
Location Guangzhou Tianhe
Guangzhou Zengcheng
, Guangdong,  People's Republic of China
Campus Guangzhou:2.95 square kilometres (1.14 sq mi), Zengcheng:2.57 square kilometres (0.99 sq mi),
School Song “金色的理想”(Golden Ideal)
Nickname Huanong、SCAU
Website (中文) (en)
South entrance of South China Agricultural University
The school name was named by Mao Zedong who was the first chairman of China

South China Agricultural University (SCAU) (Chinese: 华南农业大学/華南農業大學) commonly referred to as SCAU, is a public university in Guangzhou, China. Founded in 1909. Main campus settles in Wushan, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. The university has 24 colleges/department and more than 40,000 students, including international students from 33 countries. The main feature of the university is biology science.



The total enrollment of students is over 43,000, comprising 38,346 undergraduates, 5,493 graduates and 87 foreign students from 33 countries.

International cooperation[edit]

It has established inter-institutional ties with twenty-three universities from thirteen countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. There are more and more academic exchanges between SCAU and universities in HongKong and Macao. In promoting the international multi-agricultural technological exchanges, the UNDP, FAO and WFC have attached great importance to the university and established the Regional Sericulture Training Center for Asia and Pacific and China International Center for Agricultural Training in SCAU. Up to now, the university has trained around 1000 overseas students and numerous research and government officials from over 50 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania.


The Modern Educational Technology Center is installed with visual-audio and multi-media input-output equipment. Other direct services for students include:

  • one on-campus English-learning radio
  • one Employment Orientation Center for Graduating Students
  • one Work for Study Service Center
  • one Psychological Center
  • two Students' Activity Center
  • three stadiums with standardized synthetic rubber tracks and other specialized playgrounds are available for different sports
  • The collection of the university library surpasses 7.14 million copies.
  • 19 on-campus fieldwork bases and 339 off-campus fieldwork bases are open to students.

Colleges and schools[edit]

  • College of Agriculture
  • College of Resources and Environment
  • College of Economics&Management
  • College of Horticulture
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Life Science
  • College of Vetervinary Medicine
  • College of Animal Science
  • College of Food Science
  • College of Forestry
  • School of Humanities and Law
  • College of Science
  • College of Information
  • College of Software
  • College of Arts
  • College of Foreign Studies
  • College of Conservancy and Civil Engineering
  • College of Public Management
  • College of Continuing Education
  • College of International Education
  • Department of Ideological and Political Studies
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Graduate School
  • Pearl River College

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