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The Sun Java System Communications Express provides an integrated web-based communication and collaboration client to the Sun Java System Communications Suite. It consists of three client modules: Calendar, Address Book, and Mail. The Calendar and Address Book client modules are deployed as a single application on any web container and are collectively referred to as Unified Web Client (UWC). Sun Java System Communications Express is included with both the Sun Java System Calendar Server and the Sun Java System Messaging Server.

Key features[edit]

  • Web access to mail, calendar, tasks, contact list and corporate directory information
  • Single sign on, providing seamless interoperability across mail, calendar/tasks and contact management
  • Single address book for mail and calendar
  • Corporate Address Book
  • Support for hosted domains
  • Support for multiple address books
  • Support for attachments in events and tasks
  • Extensible and customizable with company branding, logos, banner ads
  • Horizontal scalability for improved efficiency and performance
  • Secure email (sign and encrypt) via S/MIME
  • Spell-checking while composing mail
  • Access control for mail, calendar/tasks and address books
  • Sharing of mail, calendar/tasks and address books
  • Ability to import/export contact information from Microsoft Outlook or Netscape Communicator address books
  • Mail filters for efficient mail disposal
  • Vacation message filters
  • Address book accessible from Outlook by using the Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook

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