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Sunampur is a village located in Golapganj Upazila, Sylhet District, Bangladesh.[1]

The village has 5 mosques, 2 schools, 3 madrasha (Islamic schools), 2 Eid Ghah (Islamic EID prayer place), and 3 cemeteries called Wahid Ali Cemetery, Purba Sunampur Cemetery, and Gangpar Cemetery.

Two rivers flow through the village, Kushiyara River on the north and Radha Jhuri / Khora Nodi on south. Other villages around Sunampur include Chondorpur to the north, Islampur to the west, Ahmedpur to the east and Raihghor to the south.


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Coordinates: 24°48′32″N 92°04′12″E / 24.8089°N 92.0701°E / 24.8089; 92.0701