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Mathiura Union is a Union in Beanibazar Upazila, Sylhet District, Bangladesh.


The Union dates back to before the 12th century.[citation needed] The religion followed by the majority is Islam,[citation needed] which was first introduced in the area by the Great Saint Shah Jalal.[citation needed]


Mathiura Union is located at 24°49′30″N 92°09′45″E / 24.8250°N 92.1625°E / 24.8250; 92.1625. It has 27,089 units of household and a total area of 253.22 km².


As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Mathiura Union had a population of around 30,547, 49.5% of whom are male and 50.5% are female.


Mathiura Union has 3 Wards, Mauzas/Mahallas, and 15 Villages.

List of villages[edit]

  • Arengabad.
  • Bejgram (Nasirabad)
  • Doakha.
  • Dudbokshi.
  • Kandi Gram.
  • Khola Gram
  • Minarai.
  • Nal Bohar.
  • Pochim Per.
  • Purbo Per.
  • Purush Pal.
  • Raibashi.
  • Sheiklal.
  • Sutar Kandi.
  • Uttor Per.

List of high schools[edit]

List of madrasah[edit]

  • Mathiura Senior Fazil Madrasa.
  • Mathiura Bazar Hafiziya Madraza.
  • Purush Pal Hafizia Madrasa.

List of primary schools[edit]

  • Aurangabad Primary School.
  • Bejgram Primary School.
  • Centre Mathiura Govt Model Primary School.
  • Doakha Primary School.
  • Dudbokshi Primary School.
  • Kandi Gram Primary School.
  • Khola Gram Primary School.
  • Minarai Primary School.
  • Nal Bohar Primary School.
  • Pochim Per Primary School.
  • Purbo Par Primary School.
  • Purush Pal Wasiria Government Primary School.
  • Sheikhlal Primary School.
  • Sutar Kandi Primary School.
  • Uttor Per Primary School.
  • Sheikhlal Primary School.

Health care: hospital[edit]

  • Mathiura Bazar Hospital.

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