Battle of Sylhet

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Siege of Sylhet
Part of Bangladesh Liberation War and Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Date December 7–16, 1971
Location Sylhet, Bangladesh
Result Decisive Indian & Mukti Bahini Victory
Pakistani Garrison Surrenders
Flag of Bangladesh (1971).svg Mukti Bahini
Flag of India.svg India
Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan
Commanders and leaders
Bangladesh Major Ziaur Rahman
India Lt. Gen. Sagat Singh
India Maj. Gen. K. V. Krishna Rao
India Brig. C. A. “Bunty” Quinn
India Brig. Raja C. V. Apte
India Brig. M. B. Wadke
India Brig. Kulwant Singh
Pakistan Brig. Muhammad Saleemullah
Pakistan Brig. Iftikhar Rana
IV Corps:
8 Mountain Division
59 Mountain Brigade
81 Mountain Brigade
Echo Sector
BSF Sector
1 East Bengal Rifles
202 Infantry Brigade
313 Infantry Brigade

The Battle of Sylhet was a major battle fought between the advancing Mitro Bahini and the Pakistani defences at Sylhet during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The battle took place 7 December and 15 December and was the Indian Army's first heliborne operation.[1]