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List updater[edit]

In subsection A below, listed are articles which are missing from the Index of ethics articles. They were found by looking in the categories in subsection C. One can add more categories to be searched to subsection C, see some suggestions in subsection D.

All this process can be restarted by clicking on the link at the bottom of subsection E.

Please note that anything around here is editable, but please don't modify the lines of the form

<!-- bottag:X:begin -->

or their order.

A: Articles missing from the Index of ethics articles[edit]

Just War --

B: Place here articles not wanted either in the Index of ethics articles or in subsection A.[edit]

C: Categories to be searched[edit]

The bot will look for potential additions to the Index of ethics articles in this list of categories. You may add any other categories to this list, for example from subsection D below. Use the format [[:Category:XXX]] (the colon (:) shows up twice!).

Category:Ethics Category:Ethical theories Category:Concepts in ethics Category:Ethics literature

D: Potential searchable categories[edit]

Move up to subsection C any categories which the bot should search for missing articles in the Index of ethics articles.

Category:Amorality -- Category:Applied ethics -- Category:Buddhist ethics -- Category:Core issues in ethics -- Category:Environmental ethics -- Category:Ethicists -- Category:Ethics games -- Category:Ethics lists -- Category:Ethics organizations -- Category:Ethics stubs -- Category:Humanitarians -- Category:Meta-ethics -- Category:Moral philosophers -- Category:Moral psychology -- Category:Morality -- Category:Philosophy of love -- Category:Professional ethics -- Category:Relational ethics -- Category:Religious ethics -- Category:Thought experiments in ethics -- Category:Value -- Category:Virtue -- Category:Axiological theories -- Category:Confucianism -- Category:Consequentialism -- Category:Deontological ethics -- Category:Divine command theory -- Category:Egalitarianism -- Category:Ethical schools and movements -- Category:Hedonism -- Category:Humanism -- Category:Natural law -- Category:Neo-Confucianism -- Category:Normative ethics -- Category:Pacifism -- Category:Relativism -- Category:Singularitarianism -- Category:Utilitarianism -- Category:Virtue ethics -- Category:Ethical principles -- Category:Ethics books --

E: Articles in Index of ethics articles not in categories[edit]

May be redirects or articles which should be removed/categorized.

Psychiatric imprisonment -- Scandal -- United States constitutional law -- Molecular engineering -- Jealousy -- Moral liability -- Stem cell controversy -- Poker collusion -- Ownership -- Cult -- Categorical imperative -- Instructional technology -- Adultery -- Rural development -- Napoleonic Code -- Free software -- Dominator culture -- Neuroethics -- Gluttony -- Family values -- Philosophical views of suicide -- Conservation movement -- Homosexuality -- Urban secession -- Global debt -- Genocide -- Amanda -- Ethical egoism -- Democracy -- Biodefense -- Will (philosophy) -- Equity -- Planned obsolescence -- Moral equivalent -- Educational perennialism -- Biowar -- Restorative justice -- Science -- Moral example -- Hate -- Elitism -- Tragedy of the commons -- Vanity -- Torture -- War -- Rational ethics -- Trust (sociology) -- Revenge -- Prevention of Disasters Principle -- Etiquette -- Common sense conservative -- Cloning -- Law -- Ethical implications in contracts -- Aberration -- Liability -- Moral syndrome -- Relationship ethics -- National sovereignty -- Authority -- Evil -- Doctrine of double effect -- Verbal abuse -- Nonviolence -- Envy -- Marketing -- Mercy -- Environmental ethics -- Privacy -- Reflective equilibrium -- Cultural bias -- Transformative justice -- Mussar Movement -- Logical positivism -- Just war -- Debt -- Universal value -- Noble Eightfold Path -- Biosecurity -- Peacekeeping -- Power (sociology) -- Ethics of eating meat -- Triage -- Gene therapy -- Duty -- Genetic modification -- Gender -- Capital punishment -- Distribution of wealth -- Case-based reasoning -- Carceral state -- Transhumanism -- Circumcision -- Mediation -- Biosphere Reserve -- Ethic of reciprocity -- Education reform -- Telemarketing -- Lie -- Relationship between religion and science -- Common sense -- Consumerism -- Human resources -- International -- Ethics (Scientology) -- Dog fighting -- Ethical code -- Black market -- Child labor -- Deontology -- Medical ethics -- In vitro fertilisation -- Green movement -- Biosafety -- Civil procedure -- Religion -- Technology assessment -- Politics -- Animal rights -- Exploratory engineering -- Cynic -- Reproductive technology -- Jainism -- Accounting reform -- Profession -- Consensus decision making -- Poverty -- Trail ethics -- Persuasion technology -- Avarice -- Usury -- Sociology of knowledge -- Arrogance -- Political privacy -- Political factions -- Military medical ethics -- Adversarial process -- Ten Commandments -- Nationalism -- Corporate accountability -- Land ethic -- Religious law -- Biosafety protocol -- Meta-ethics -- Casuistry -- Philosophy of law -- Common Law -- Conservation ethic -- Value theory -- Election -- Psychological pain -- Particle physics -- Guilt -- Satyagraha -- Race to the bottom -- Social control -- Civil law (common law) -- Discrediting tactic -- Paradox of hedonism -- Cowardice -- Moral community -- Criminal justice -- Euthanasia -- Creative accounting -- Precautionary principle -- Ethical extensionism -- Islamization of knowledge -- Sin -- Conceptual metaphor -- Divinity -- Philosophy -- Ethic of care -- Scientism -- Public order crime -- Deliberative democracy -- Transsexualism -- Pride -- Anti-psychiatry -- Vow -- Consensus -- Group entity -- Public relations -- Courage -- Naturalistic fallacy -- Passion play -- Prior Informed Consent -- Monetary reform -- Seven deadly sins#Greed -- Ethical investing -- Ubuntu (ideology) -- Revolt -- Axiology -- Soundbite -- Abuse of trust -- Social equality -- Theory of value -- Archaeological ethics -- Value of life -- Ideological assumption -- Stoicism -- Modern Islamic philosophy -- Sloth (deadly sin) -- Abortion, legal and moral issues -- Punishment -- Legal code -- Honesty -- Epistemic community -- Censorship -- Value of Earth -- Wrath -- Human cloning -- Fornication -- Doctrine of mental reservation -- Dissent -- Journalism ethics and standards -- Fair trade -- Lust -- Situational ethics -- Borders -- Jewish medical ethics -- Fundamentalism -- Oath -- Consensual crime -- Corporate crime -- Homeschooling -- Plagiarism -- Li -- Goodness -- Civics -- Artificial intelligence -- Ren -- Jewish ethics -- Business ethics -- Divine command theory -- Moral code -- Forgiveness -- Retributive justice -- Arbitration -- International law -- Scientific misconduct -- Debt slavery -- Ethical purchasing -- Doubt -- Racism -- Advertising --

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Legal ethics is a separate topic as well
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Concepts specific to economics should be added to the list of economics articles
Concepts specific to Islam should be added to the list of Islamic terms in Arabic instead
Names belong on the list of ethicists or the list of philosophers

Legal vs ethical[edit]

I'm just wondering where the line is between legal and ethical topics. There are a variety of law pages listed here and there does not seem to be a clear rationale on what law topics are included and what topics are excluded. Perhaps some discussion could clarify the law/ethics divide. Certainly there are areas of law that are considered as questions of ethics, i.e. the behavior of lawyers, for instance, or the distinction between moral obligations and legal obligations as found in civil law, there are also legal issues that touch on moral philosophy; such as questions of fairness in applying the law; but are all general topics such as criminal law, procedure, etc., really ethics topics. Maybe there should be major disambiguation between these topics. Most scholars see ethics and the law as different (if perhaps ocassionally overlapping) areas. Alex756


Why is golf on the list?

It seems to have been removed already. A joke (but techincally vandalism), unless referrign to concepts of good sportsmanship. RJFJR 16:04, 7 August 2007 (UTC)


This list seems to have no order or clear rationale. Is there, at present, some use for this? Or may I rewrite this article in a way that is more organized and sensible? KSchutte 22:26, 20 March 2006 (UTC)

Oh, I think you should. KSchutte 22:33, 31 January 2007 (UTC)
I think this page would be perfect if it was moved out of article namespace. Morgan Wick 01:02, 23 February 2007 (UTC)


The article includes:

But the link to yi is to a disambig apge that says nothign I can see about this 'core issue' in Confucianism. RJFJR 14:16, 7 August 2007 (UTC)

Core issues[edit]

I'm not sure it is necessary to pepper the lit with sometimes considered a core issue comments. RJFJR 16:02, 7 August 2007 (UTC)

I agree with your concerns; I'm removing these notes. — xDanielx T/C 19:58, 30 September 2007 (UTC)

Removing specific works[edit]

I understand and recognize that some specific works -- A Theory of Justice for example -- are the subject of substantial ethical debate. However, I really don't think it's plausible to maintain a list of these work, even if we restrict inclusion to very significant works -- there are just too many, and the criteria are so fuzzy it may seem arbitrary. I also think it would be much more useful to readers if we just list the ethical issues that the works deal with and not the works themselves -- I think it's unlikely that a reader wanting to browse major ethical issues would be interested in specific works. — xDanielx T/C 19:56, 30 September 2007 (UTC)


Well, I'm in the middle of a major cleanup, mostly removing links. To others, please keep in mind that longer lists are not necessarily more useful. I agree that value system, for example, can be linked to certain ethical debates, but we don't need it when we have a link to value theory. I think it's much better for viewers if we just provide the most pertinent pages and let them browse similar forks themselves if they happen to be interested. I urge other editors to avoid these redundancies. I've also been removing a lot of links that I think just aren't very relevant to ethics, or are relevant but are not contentious and not topics of significant debate. And I'm removing highly generic topics such as fairness, which are far too broad IMO. — xDanielx T/C 20:03, 30 September 2007 (UTC)

Inclusion guidelines[edit]

I'm moving the inclusion guidelines from the main article to the top of the talk page, to cut down on clutter. Feel absolutely free to edit these guidelines (within reason). — xDanielx T/C 21:10, 30 September 2007 (UTC)