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latest video/US election[edit]

--Kmhkmh (talk) 20:17, 13 November 2016 (UTC)

Pussy Riot's New Album in English[edit]

Hi Pussy Riot Editors,

May I have permission to add a new section about Pussy Riot's new album and music videos in English? They made quite a splash with songs and videos about Donald Trump, the policing of womens' bodies, etc. It is significant because this is their first work in English, aimed toward the American audience.

Let me know if I can add this...thanks.

RachelWex RachelWex 22:47, 9 December 2016 (UTC)

Nobody WP:OWNs this article and you don't need anyone's permission to edit. MaxBrowne (talk) 03:46, 13 December 2016 (UTC)

Website Change // Addition[edit]


Requesting the addition of Nadya's new website for Pussy Riot's musical endeavors.

  • The site has three embedded videos from YouTube and an online tshirt store (a strange thing on a site of an anti-market group) and that's all. Can somebody prove that this a genuine official site not yet another commercial outlet exploiting popularity of the group? Alex Bakharev (talk) 04:07, 13 December 2016 (UTC)

Yes, Nadia confirmed on the broadcast that this is her site. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:34, 23 August 2017 (UTC)

Igor Ashmanov's comments[edit]

According to the well-known Russian IT expert Igor Ashmanov, the founder of the mathematical news monitoring company, the event "Pussy riot" was part of a large information campaign directed against the church. According to him, the topic was artificially "heated", for a long time there were "a series of news attacks", produced by unknown forces.

"Of course, this is an information attack (against the russian ortodox church). There are news monitoring technologies that allow you «to test it with algebra.» "

"Every news can be presented on the XY graph: the X-axis is the time, the Y - is the number of mentions."

"The real news has a "peak"-type graph of mentions. The first peak is the event itself, "an explosion occurred at the factory," the little decline is coming, the second peak is "terrible consequences, the rubble is being sorted out," the decline, a new peak - "the trial began on this case," etc. At the same time, gradual smooth attenuation is observed."

"Heated" topic is a kind of "shelves". With the declines on the weekends(office staff do this work).

Is there any attack on the patriarch? Obviously it is. Who it is sponsored by, and by whom it is produced, this is another matter. But technically attack is exist.

Last time we discussed graphs by days, now we will consider graphs by hours:

Here the picture is exactly the opposite.

Real news event: Easter. Many originals written by different people.

Easter on the news graph.

Graphs of a fake events: extremely sharp growth, and within a few hours a complete fall. Very few originals, too many reposts in short time. (information throw-in: "Pussy riot", "Patriarch's apartments:"Nanodust" scandal.")

Full video-version: (with English subtitles)

Text version:

(I use google-translate, in advance I apologize if there are shortcomings )

The information of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"[edit]


However, by that time "Tolokno" and Verzilov were expelled from the "Voina"("War") - "for provocation and surrender of activists of the group to the police."

As Plutzer-Sarno (the leader of the "Voina") wrote, "Tolokonnikova's husband and the father of her daughter Hera (born 4 days after the orgy in the museum) Pyotr Verzilov was caught in 2009 in the surrender of activist Alexander Volodarsky to the police and with disgrace expelled out from the "Voina". Later, he stole the whole archive of the group. His wife Tolokonnikova and her friend Katya Samutsevich voluntarily left the group and formed "Pussy Riot".

The Alexander Nevzorov interviews[edit]

Translation quotes from the interviews(2012 year) with the popular Russian critic of religion, and a official proxy of a candidate Vladimir Putin in election 2012:

- Why do you criticize the church?

- I can have a sport. My sport is priests.

- Since when?

- Since I was asked to do this; When there was a need to resist the growing impudence of the priests and at least to designate some answer simply because they are hindering life.


- Surkov was appointed responsible for the relationship of society with the church. And where is this connection?

- I think that you are demonizing both Surkov, and the Kremlin, and communication. You believe that the basis of these processes is something logical and normal. This is not true. This is not true at all. Slava (Vladislav) is a highly educated man and a perfectly flawless intellectual. He is not an atheist. But he does not have that severe form of ideology that many other high-ranking officials have.

-During one of the broadcasts, when you talk about the origins of your anti-clerical activity, you've talked a little. "It all began," you said, "that I was asked to jump into the trench<in the war against religion>, promising that "the Red Army will soon strike." Who asked?

-How cute you are. Do you really think that I will answer this question?

-Why not?

-I, of course, are a complete scoundrel, but I do not sell my friends. Even if I, without naming the names, give you the formulations with which I was asked, you will easily guess about who their author is.


-Although, as you can see, when the clique decided to remove me from the proxies<for criticizing the church>, she did not win, she could only bla-bla-bla. And to me it was said: "Glebych(appeal only on the patronymic, applied to a close friends), we'll cover you."

-And why the Red Army has not yet come up?

-I shall open a terrible secret: it, apparently, will not be.

-Were you deceived?


-But at the same time they left you on the line front?

-And me, then what? I settled in a trench, I feel good. I love to shoot.