The Satanic Witch

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The Satanic Witch
Author Anton LaVey
Original title The Compleat Witch
Country United States
Language English
Subject Lesser magic, witchcraft
Genre Occult, philosophy
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)

The Compleat Witch, or What to Do When Virtue Fails (currently titled The Satanic Witch) is a book by Anton LaVey, published in 1971 by Dodd, Mead & Company. The first paperback edition was released by Lancer Books. It was republished by Feral House in 1989 with an introduction by Zeena LaVey; and again in 2003 with a new introduction by Peggy Nadramia and afterword by Blanche Barton. The publisher describes the book as "...undiluted Gypsy lore regarding the forbidden knowledge of seduction and manipulation.".[1]

Current publication cover

One of the most important concepts LaVey introduced in The Satanic Witch was the LaVey Synthesizer Clock, an improved form of somatotyping incorporating a fourth basic type to the three already in common use (by addition of the "pure feminine" type, opposite to the "pure masculine" or mesomorphic type). The LaVey Synthesizer Clock postulates that all persons occupy a set body and personality type, placed along varying degrees of the four types proposed ("clock position"), and that ideal friends and lovers will represent the opposite personality/body type by position on the LaVey Synthesizer Clock. 12 o'clock represents the masculine / mesomorphic body type; 3 o'clock represents the slender / ectomorphic body type; 6 o'clock represents the feminine body type; and 9 o'clock represents the round / endomorphic body type.


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