Through the Wilderness

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Through the Wilderness
Compilation album by Various artists
Released November 30, 2007
Genre Pop, folk rock
Label Manimal Vinyl Records

Through the Wilderness is a tribute album to Madonna by various folk artists, released on November 27, 2007 on Manimal Vinyl Records.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

Credits and personnel[edit]

  • Apollo Heights Audio Production, Primary Artist
  • Linda Beecroft Drums, Vocals
  • P. Brown Composer
  • Bubonic Plague Audio Production, Primary Artist, Producer
  • Justin Burrill Audio Engineer, Engineer
  • The Chapin Sisters Audio Production, Primary Artist
  • Abigail Chapin Choir/Chorus, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Lily Chapin Banjo, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Daniel Chavis Vocals
  • Danny Chavis Guitar
  • Jessica Craven Vocals
  • Ariana Delawari Guitar, Vocals
  • Erica García Audio Production, Instrumentation, Producer
  • Micah Gaugh Bass, Keyboards
  • Giant Drag Primary Artist
  • Golden Animals Primary Artist
  • Steve Gregoropoulos Guitar, Piano
  • Max Guirand Engineer, Producer, Slide Guitar
  • Annie Hardy Vocals
  • Tim Hogan Bass
  • Julia Holter Vocals (Background)
  • Alexandra Hope Primary Artist
  • Dan Horne Audio Engineer, Engineer, Mixing, Tambourine
  • Jeremy Jay Arranger, Audio Production, Primary Artist, Producer
  • Tom Carney Myung Hi Kim Engineer, Producer
  • Ben Knight Guitar (Classical), Guitar (Electric)
  • Lavender Diamond Primary Artist
  • Lion of Panjshir Primary Artist
  • Madonna Composer, Tributee
  • Max Guirand Audio Engineer, Audio Production
  • Andrew Miller Guitar, Vocals
  • Ethan Miller Audio Production
  • Thom Monahan Audio Production, Beat Box, Drum Machine, Engineer, Producer
  • Mountain Party Primary Artist
  • Michael Mussmano Audio Production
  • Ofer Tiberin Audio Production
  • Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Arranger, Audio Production, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals (Background)
  • Heather Porcaro Choir/Chorus
  • Prayers Audio Production
  • The Prayers Primary Artist
  • Astrid Quay Artwork, Vocals
  • Darren Rademaker Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
  • Ron Regé Jr. Drums
  • Charles Rowell Bass
  • Josh Schwartz Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
  • Aaron Sperske Drums
  • Becky Stark Audio Engineer, Vocals
  • Chad Stewart Drums
  • Tom Kim Audio Engineer, Audio Production
  • The Tyde Primary Artist
  • Julian Wass Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Engineer, Producer
  • Jonathan Wilson Audio Production, Primary Artist
  • Jonathan Wilson Arranger, Producer
  • Winter Flowers Audio Production, Primary Artist
  • Kenny Woods Audio Engineer
  • Gideon Zaretsky Audio Production

Credits and personnel adapted from Allmusic.


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