Til All Are One

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Til All Are One
Soundtrack album by
Stan Bush and Vince DiCola
LengthDisc 1 36:04
Disc 2 70:13
Label3H Enterprises

Til All Are One is a soundtrack that contains musical compositions from The Transformers: The Movie. The release is a 2-CD set, the first contains tracks from Stan Bush Call to Action album. The second CD contains the whole music score of The Transformers: The Movie (minus the three score pieces featured in the Motion Picture soundtrack release). It was released by 3H Enterprises as a BotCon '97 exclusive but after the album sold out in a short few months the album was reissued for BotCon '98.

The song "Ground Zero" was rewritten and re-recorded by Bush as "Till All Are One" for his 2007 album In This Life. This newer version was used as the ending theme of the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1 (Stan Bush: Call to Action)[edit]

  1. The Touch (1997 Remix)
  2. Never Surrender [1997 Remix]
  3. Hold Your Head Up High
  4. Straight to the Top
  5. Dare (1997 Remix)
  6. Critical Mass [featuring Vince DiCola]
  7. Ground Zero (BotCon Theme)
  8. Capture the Dream
  9. Total Surrender
  10. Highest Calling

Disc 2 (Vince DiCola: The Transformers: The Movie musical score)[edit]

# Title Description
1 "Unicron's Theme" Unicron appears and devours the planet Lithone before heading towards Cybertron.
2 "Transformers: The Movie Main Title" (Alternate) Featuring Stan Bush. Alternate version of the theme song. Not used in film.
3 "2005" Opening narration theme. On one of Cybertron's moon bases, Optimus Prime orders the Autobot shuttle to launch for Earth.
4 "More Luck Than You Imagine" Megatron receives word from Laserbeak of the Autobots' objectives.
5 "Attack on the Shuttle" Not used in film; replaced with "Instruments of Destruction" by N.R.G. on final cut.
6 "Gone Fishin'" Hot Rod and Daniel Witwicky fish by a lake when the Autobot shuttle arrives.
7 "City Under Siege" The Decepticons lay siege to Autobot City as Megatron orders the Constructicons to merge into Devastator.
8 "Showdown" During their one-on-one confrontation, Optimus Prime orders Megatron to yield, but interference from Hot Rod causes Megatron to fatally wound Optimus.
9 "Witness to a Funeral" Unicron watches Optimus Prime die and pass the Matrix on to Ultra Magnus.
10 "Contest for Leadership" The surviving Decepticons dispose of Megatron and other injured soldiers in order for Astrotrain to deliver them back to Cybertron. Starscream, Soundwave and the Constructicons argue over leadership of the Decepticons.
11 "Transformation" Unicron reformats Megatron into Galvatron, and the other damaged Decepticons into his minions: Cyclonus and his Armada, and Scourge and his Sweeps.
12 "Coronation" Starscream is being crowned as Decepticon leader when Galvatron makes his appearance.
13 "Destruction of the Outer Moon" Unicron consumes Cybertron Moon Base 1, much to Galvatron's displeasure.
14 "Pursuit" Ultra Magnus and his shuttle crew attempt to flee from the Decepticons.
15 "Arrival on Junk" Magnus' shuttle crash-lands on the planet Junk.
16 "Unwelcome Visitors" Kup and Hot Rod attempt to befriend the Sharkticons by using the "Universal Greeting (ba-weep-gra-na-weep-ninny-bong)" and offering them energon goodies but are instead attacked and taken captive.
17 "The Matrix Survives" Galvatron informs Unicron that Ultra Magnus and the Matrix of Leadership are destroyed, but is proven wrong.
18 "An Unexpected Friend" The Dinobots meet Wheelie and after a brief altercation befriend him and are led to find Kup and Hot Rod.
19 "Destruction of the Inner Moon" (Part I) Unicron devours Moon Base 2.
20 "Destruction of the Inner Moon" (Part II) The escape ship carrying Spike Witwicky and Bumblebee is sucked into Unicron.
21 "Ambush" The Decepticons attack the Autobots on Junk.
22 "Another Leader Dies" Galvatron and his minions destroy Ultra Magnus before acquiring the Matrix.
23 "Rescue" After escaping the Sharkticon pit Kup and Hot Rod are rescued by the Dinobots and Wheelie.
24 "All Hope is Lost" The Autobots look at the remains of Magnus.
25 "Unusual Allies" Wreck-Gar and the Junkions rebuild Ultra Magnus and form an alliance with the Autobots. Incorporates the instrumentals of "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Dare to be Stupid".
26 "The Enemy Revealed" When Galvatron attempts to use the Matrix to blackmail Unicron into following him, Unicron transforms into robot mode.
27 "Seizure" Unicron begins to lay waste on Cybertron, and forces Galvatron to fight Hot Rod.
28 "United Against the Enemy" All Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron unite to battle Unicron.
29 "In the Belly of the Monster" The Autobots, Spike, and Daniel fight their way out to escape Unicron.
30 "Their Darkest Hour" Hot Rod confronts Galvatron and fights him to claim the Matrix.
31 "Legacy" Audition piece not used in film.