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Tokyo Laboratory
Industry Theatrical film
Founded 1955
Headquarters Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Laboratory (株式会社東京現像所, Kabushiki Kaisha Tōkyō Genzōsho) is a theatrical film developing and print production company established in 1955 and headquartered in Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan. In addition, the company also processes visual effects and other special effects, conversion from one film or video format to another, subtitling and other titling (such as opening and closing credits), telecine conversion, video editing, VHS duplication, and DVD production.

In addition, Tokyo Laboratory has processed many films from Taiwan and Mainland China throughout its history. Such films include Red Sorghum (film), Farewell My Concubine (film), In the Heat of the Sun etc.[1]


Tokyo Laboratory has worked for a variety of clients, including the following:


Tokyo Laboratory has worked on a variety of 166 projects,[2] including the following:

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