Truxton II

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Developer(s) Toaplan, Ving (FMT)
Publisher(s) Toaplan, Ving (FMT)
Platform(s) Arcade, FM Towns
Release 1992
Genre(s) Vertical scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Cooperative
Cabinet Upright
Truxton II arcade PCB

Truxton II, released in Japan as Tatsujin Ō (達人王, "Expert King"?), is a 1992 scrolling shooter developed and published by Toaplan for the arcades. It is the sequel to Truxton.

The game was later ported to the FM Towns by Ving.


Gameplay is similar to the previous Truxton. Truxton II has six huge areas, each with a boss at the end; the game "loops" these six areas forever. Lives are given out at 70000 points, then every 200000 points after; players start with three.

There are power-ups to increase ship speed, add a smartbomb to your stock, and change/strengthen your current weapon: red fires bombs in a small area around your ship, similar to the red weapon from Robo Aleste; blue is a homing laser, similar to the blue weapon from the original Truxton; while green fires wide-reaching salvos of green shots and more or less replaces the red weapon from Truxton.

As with many Toaplan games, the original Japanese version is harder than export versions. Truxton II is like the original Truxton, where all regional versions are on a single board, controlled by a jumper; anything labeled "達人王" will be harder than anything labeled "TRUXTON II" (the Europe and USA versions).

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