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Tuzla International Airport
Međunarodni aerodrom Tuzla
Међународни аеродром Тузла
Međunarodna zračna luka Tuzla
Tuzla International Airport.jpg
Airport typeCivil/Military
OwnerTuzla Canton government
OperatorBosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation
ServesTuzla Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina
LocationDubrave Gornje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hub forWizz Air
Elevation AMSL765 ft / 233 m
Coordinates44°27′31″N 18°43′29″E / 44.45861°N 18.72472°E / 44.45861; 18.72472Coordinates: 44°27′31″N 18°43′29″E / 44.45861°N 18.72472°E / 44.45861; 18.72472
TZL is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location of the airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/27 8,152 2,500 Asphalt
Statistics (2017)
Passengers535.834 Increase 70,2%
Aircraft Movements3.820 Increase 35,2%
Freight (in tons)250 Decrease 95,1%
Source: Tuzla International Airport [1]

Tuzla International Airport (Bosnian: Međunarodni aerodrom Tuzla/Међународни аеродром Тузла); (IATA: TZL, ICAO: LQTZ) is an airport near Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tuzla International Airport is second largest airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after Sarajevo International Airport. The airport is known as a low-cost airline hub of Bosnia and Herzegovina, since it is used by people from Bosnia, the diaspora and travelers from neighboring countries Croatia and Serbia. The airport is a civilian airport and a military airbase.


Early years[edit]

Tuzla International was once the largest military airport of the former Yugoslavia. The 350th Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron was active there for a time.

In the early 1990s, still within Yugoslavia and prior start of the Bosnian War, Yugoslav airliner Air Commerce performed commercial flights from Sarajevo and Tuzla to Austria and Switzerland.[2]

It was placed under the control of the United Nations Protection Force in 1992, and from 1996 onwards it became the main hub for the Implementation Force (IFOR), which was charged with supervising the implementation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1998, the canton of Tuzla turned Tuzla International to a civil airport. Tuzla International opened on 10 October 1998 as a civilian airport and military airfield. After the complete international military withdrawal, Tuzla International Airport began implementation of all technical requirements and standards imposed by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Development since the 2000s[edit]

Finally, on 5 June 2008. Tuzla International Airport obtained Provisional Certificate for Public Use Airport in international air transportation valid for one year.[3] After general audit implemented by authorized institutions of Civil Aviation in BiH, on 5 Jun 2009. Tuzla International Airport obtained Certificate for Public Use Airport in international air transportation with unlimited period of validity.[3]

  • In June 2015, Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air opened an operating base in Tuzla, by basing one Airbus A320 at the airport.[4] After base opening total Wizz Air destinations from Tuzla jumped to 9, including 22 weekly departures in the summer flight schedule.
  • June 2.2016, Turkish Airlines Cargo started flights from Tuzla airport to Istanbul Atatürk airport. Republic of Turkey government has allocated a quota of 15,000 tons of fresh meat and meat products to import from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Total of 90 flights with Airbus 330 freighter aircraft are planned for the year 2016. This is the only Wide body aircraft flight currently operating to Bosnia and Herzegovina.[5]
  • August 31. 2016, Wizz air has announced that it will base a second Airbus A320 aircraft at its Tuzla base as of March 27. 2017. From March 2017 the airline will operate five new services from Tuzla to Cologne, Friedrichshafen and Nuremberg in Germany, Bratislava in Slovakia and Växjö in Sweden. Wizz Air also announced its newest route connecting Tuzla with London Luton in the United Kingdom from 30 October, Billund Airport in Denmark from October 31 and Berlin-Schönefeld from December 17. Total number of weekly flights will jump to 43 round trip flights, serving 16 destinations in 7 countries.[6]
  • 2017 was the record year for Tuzla Airport since it opened its doors, passing half a million passengers for the first time ever.
  • From June 2018 Wizz Air will connect Tuzla with Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden in Germany.
  • November 2, 2016, Tuzla International Airport announced start of terminal expansion and reconstruction. Capacity of the new building is 700.000 passengers per year.[7] The reconstruction is currently underway and is to be finished by May 2018.



The passengers' terminal building opened in 1998, provides a capacity of 350 passengers per peak hour. The terminal is equipped with one gate for arrival and departure, two check-in counters for registration of passengers, services for handicapped passengers, ticketing service as well as further passenger amenities and a border guard (SBS) control (24 hours) equipped with x-ray machines and customs control. Since passenger terminal has reached its capacity in 2015. Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided to allocate 2 million BAM (approximate 1 million €) in the year 2016 budget for initial plans and works for a new terminal building, while the Government of Tuzla Canton will secure 500.000 BAM for installation of new and improved approach lighting system (ALS).[8] Many rent a car agencies have offices at the airport and the airport also provides long term parking for road vehicles.


Tuzla Airport has three aprons, currently two in use:[9] passenger aircraft apron with size 116 x 106 meters and cargo apron with approximately same size. Aprons are designed to service all classes of aircraft. Two medium size aircraft Boeing 737 or Airbus 320 family aircraft can be handled at the same time at passengers apron next to the terminal building. On cargo apron two Ilyushin Il-76 or Airbus 330 freighter can be handled at the same time in two parking positions, or an Antonov AN-124 Ruslan or Boeing 747 cargo in one parking position. Scheduled cargo operations to Istanbul will start in first quarter of 2016. with Turkish Airlines Airbus 330F. Tuzla International Airport has signed agreement with Turkish Airlines to service 130 cargo flights in 2016. The airport has mixed civil and military use and the airport is home to 3rd Helicopter Squadron of Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force. Next to taxiway F, parallel with runway, there are 31 parking positions for helicopters Bell UH-1 or similar size.

Airport operating hours are from 03:30 to 24:00 LT for commercial air carriers and 06:00 to 17:00 LT for general/corporate aviation with a possible extension.[9] Tuzla International Airport is ICAO classified as ILS CAT I.

Airlines and destinations[edit]

WizzAir airplane taxiing in Tuzla International Airport
WizzAir airplane taxiing after landing in Tuzla International Airport


Freebird Airlines Charter Antalya[10]
Wizz Air Basel/Mulhouse, Berlin-Schönefeld, Cologne/Bonn, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Friedrichshafen, Gothenburg, Hahn, Malmö, Memmingen, Vienna[11]

Seasonal Billund, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Stockholm-Skavsta, Växjö


Turkish Airlines Cargo Istanbul-Atatürk[12][13]


Passenger development[edit]

Year/Month [1] January February March April May June July August September October November December Total Change
2018 40.563 35.976 43.112 52.638 49.371 53.709 67.438 65.364 56.062 - - - 464.233 Increase +14,1%
2017 26.554 23.105 29.116 50.763 47.701 49.662 63.173 63.788 52.816 51.556 37.432 40.178 535.834 Increase +72,1%
2016 19.234 19.939 23.598 25.261 27.324 26.673 32.229 31.046 27.793 27.621 23.619 27.061 311.398 Increase +20,2%
2015 12.960 12.005 14.474 17.311 18.082 21.563 33.666 33.007 28.900 27.167 22.462 17.427 259.074 Increase +71,2%
2014 8.276 6.455 7.289 9.495 9.343 12.195 19.887 19.253 16.967 16.299 12.363 13.531 151.353 Increase +146,0%
2013 1 0 0 0 455 6.251 11.868 11.000 9.071 8.673 7.359 6.835 61.513 Increase +1.367,7%
2012 8 0 51 13 2 854 1.762 1.243 195 59 4 0 4.191 Decrease -7,4%
2011 0 0 12 54 8 1.143 1.506 965 10 426 403 0 4.527 N/A

Passenger route statistics[edit]

Tuzla Airport passenger numbers by destination (2017)[14]
Rank Airport Passengers handled % change
1 Sweden Malmo, Sweden 56.461 Increase 26,72
2 Sweden Göteborg, Sweden 50.930 Increase 18,46
3 Germany Dortmund, Germany 49.781 Increase 0,93
4 Switzerland Basel, Switzerland 49.503 Increase 28,95
5 Germany Hahn, Germany 38.058 Increase 22,76
6 Germany Memmingen, Germany 33.016 Increase 4,30
7 Germany Friedrichshafen, Germany 26.506 Increase 0.0
8 Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 25.510 Increase 13,16
9 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom 20.708 Increase 0,0
10 Sweden Växjö, Sweden 20.269 Increase 0,0
Busiest routes at Tuzla International Airport (2017)[15]
Rank City Passengers Change
Operating Airline
1 Sweden Malmo, Sweden 56.461 Increase81,11% Wizz Air
2 Sweden Göteburg, Sweden 50.930 Increase Wizz Air
3 Germany Dortmund, Germany 49.781 Increase90% Wizz Air
4 Switzerland Basel, Switzerland 49.503 Increase88,33% Wizz Air

Freight statistics[edit]

Year Loaded (in t) Unloaded (in t) Total cargo(in t)
2017 249.6 - Increase249.6
2016[16] 6.065,92 3.83 Increase6.062,09
2015 219.557 16.689 Increase236.246
2014 55.559 53.793 109.392

Ground transport[edit]

Tuzla Airport is situated at a secondary road that leads to Kalesija in the East and to Zivinice in the West. From there leads the main road to Sarajevo, Tuzla and other cities across Bosnia.

Wizz Air provides transfer in a mini bus or coach to and from Tuzla Airport and Banja Luka City Centre (Central Bus Station) and Sarajevo City Center (Central Bus Station). This is a shared service. The bus transfer runs according to the flight timetable.[17]

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