Two Medicine River

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Two Medicine River
Empire Builder @Two Medicine Trestle ( 2 Views ).jpg
Amtrak's Empire Builder crosses the Two Medicine River near East Glacier Park in 2011.
Montana rivers with Two Medicine in the north central
Origin 48°29′32″N 113°15′49″W / 48.49222°N 113.26361°W / 48.49222; -113.26361 (Two Medicine River)[1]
Mouth 48°29′11″N 112°13′40″W / 48.48639°N 112.22778°W / 48.48639; -112.22778 (Two Medicine River)Coordinates: 48°29′11″N 112°13′40″W / 48.48639°N 112.22778°W / 48.48639; -112.22778 (Two Medicine River)[1]
Basin countries Pondera and Glacier County, Montana
Mouth elevation 3,294 feet (1,004 m)[1]
River system Missouri River

The Two Medicine River is a tributary of the Marias River, approximately 60 mi (97 km) long, in northwestern Montana in the United States.

It rises in the Rocky Mountain Front in Glacier National Park at the continental divide and flows east, down from the mountains and across the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. It receives Birch Creek in southeastern Glacier County and joins Cut Bank Creek to form the Marias, approximately 12 mi (19 km) southeast of Cut Bank.

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